Syrian tanks amass on Turkish border

Assad has moved some 170 tanks northwest of Aleppo after Turkey sent anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers and other fortifications to its border. If war breaks out, may they both win.

Times of Israel – The Assad regime has massed approximately 170 tanks near the Turkish border, according to an unconfirmed report on Friday by a general in the Free Syrian Army.

General Mustafa al-Sheikh told Reuters that the tanks are now located 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the border, northeast of Aleppo.

“They either want to move toward the border to confront Turkish troops stationed there, or they are planning to attack rebels in towns near the border,” al-Sheikh said.

The move comes after Turkey on Thursday sent anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers and other fortifications to the border, marking an escalation in hostilities between the two countries.

Last week, Assad’s forces shot down a Turkish F-4 jet which they claimed had made an illegal foray into Syrian airspace. The Syrian government later claimed that the plane may have been shot down because it was suspected that it belonged to Israel.

Erdogan slams ‘murderous’ Assad, mobilizes tanks, troops to Syrian border

Crazy Muslims versus crazy Muslims. May they both win.

Times of IsraelThe Turkish military mobilized large numbers of reinforcements from its eastern provinces to the Syrian border on Tuesday, amid rising tension with Damascus, after the downing by Syria of a Turkish Air Force jet on Friday, Turkish media reported.

Large numbers of Turkish troops — including at least 15 long-range artillery pieces and tanks – moved to the Syrian frontier from the eastern city of Diyarbakir. A video published by the Turkish Cihan News Agency showed Turkish tanks being transported by carrier trucks toward the frontier.

The mobilization followed statements by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the Turkish military will respond to any future violation of its border by Syrian military elements.

“As awe-inspiring as Turkey’s friendship is, Turkey’s wrath is equally awe-inspiring,” Erdogan told the Turkish parliament on Tuesday.

“The rules of engagement of the Turkish Armed Forces have changed,” Erdogan said. “Any military element that approaches the Turkish border from Syria posing a security risk and danger will be regarded as a threat and treated as a military target.”

Erdogan closed his remarks with an especially harsh condemnation of Syrian President Bashar Assad: “Turkey and the Turkish people will continue to provide all support until the people of Syria have been saved from this tyrannical, murderous, bloody dictator and his gang.”

Opposition sources in Syria reported at least 86 civilians were killed by Assad troops on Tuesday.

The father of one of the two missing pilots who were shot down in Friday’s incident told Turkish newspaper Hürriyet Daily News that he opposed Turkey going to war over his son.

“It is not appropriate for a country to go to war over a pilot, an airplane or 50 airplanes,” Ali Erton said. He said he was aware of the risks his son took as a military pilot, but added “what matters is that my son serves his country.”

Syria shoots down Turkish warplane


Jun 22, 2012 by The Syrian military says it has shot down a Turkish fighter jet “over its territorial waters”, risking a new crisis between Middle Eastern neighbours already at bitter odds over a 16-month-old revolt against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“Our air defences confronted a target that penetrated our air space over our territorial waters pre-afternoon on Friday and shot it down. It turned out to be a Turkish military plane,” a statement by the military circulated on state media said.

Obama bans Israel from Global Counterterrorism Forum

Obama bows to Turkey yet again. Throws Israel under the bus yet again.

It’s for the best. 29 countries are participating in the GCTF, 10 of which are Arab and/or Muslim countries. Why should Israel be sharing its expertise with those that want to destroy her anyway. It’s clear that the world is not serious about terrorism. If it were, it wouldn’t be sharing its know-how with ten terror-supporting countries.

Arutz Sheva – The United States blocked Israel’s participation in the Global Counterterrorism Forum’s (GCTF) first meeting in Istanbul on Friday, despite Israel’s having one of the most extensive counterterrorism experiences in the world.

Israel was excluded from the meeting due to fierce objections by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Washington-based source told Globes news.

According the State Department’s website, the GCTF, which was established in September 2011, aims at “strengthening the global counterterrorism (CT) architecture in a manner that complements and reinforces the CT work of existing multilateral bodies.”

Twenty-nine countries are participating in the GCTF, ten of which are Arab and/or Muslim countries.

“The GCTF sought from the outset to bridge old and deep divides in the international community between Western donor nations and Muslim majority nations. And it has, I think, done that quite effectively,” a top US official said at the press briefing prior to the opening session.

Obama Hugs Erdogan, April 2009

Republican politicians claim that since one third of the GCTF’s members are Muslim countries, the Obama administration is trying to deepen ties with the Muslim world at Israel’s expense, Globes noted.

“Our idea with the GCTF was to bring together a limited number of traditional donors, front line states, and emerging powers develop a more robust, yet representative, counterterrorism capacity-building platform. A number of our close partners with considerable experience countering and preventing terrorism are not included among the GCTF’s founding members,” a State Department spokesman said in response to questions about Israel’s exclusion from the GCTF.

“We have discussed the GCTF and ways to involve Israel in its activities on a number of occasions, and are committed to making this happen,” he added.

Pro-Israeli sources say that the Obama administration decided to ignore the fact that Turkey, which has a key role in the GCTF, opposes calling Hamas a terrorist organization, even though the State Department lists it as such.

In May, Turkey blocked Israel’s participation in a NATO summit in Chicago and maintained that NATO–Israel relations cannot be restored until Turkey-Israel relations are normalized.

Biden praises Turkey as role model for Islamic countries

Good grief, America. Throw these dangerous buffoons out in November. They are going to get us all killed.

Obama hugs Islamonazi Erdogan

Via Daily Caller: On Friday Vice President Joe Biden offered Turkey’s Islamist government a leading role in the Middle East, despite its recent crackdown on dissidents, expansion of Islamic culture and education, and regional conflicts with Greece and Israel.

“We’re looking for Turkish leadership in the rest of that entire region,” Biden declared at a fundraiser attended by roughly 200 people from the Turkish and Azerbaijani communities, according to a White House pool report.

“It’s a model as to how you can have an Islamic population, an Islamic state and a democracy, something the rest of the region is groping to figure out how to do,” he told the audience, who paid up to $2,500 each to attend the fundraiser.

Since last June Turkey’s Islamist government, led by Recep Erdogan, “has restricted freedom of expression, association, and assembly with laws that allow authorities to jail its critics for many months or years while they stand trial for alleged terrorism offenses on the basis of flimsy evidence,” according to a January report by the left-wing group Human Rights Watch.

The Turkish government’s Islamist policies also clash with Biden’s progressive policies, and with American culture and laws in general.

For example, on April 18 Biden touted the Violence Against Women Act and slammed GOP proposals to upgrade the law.

However, in Turkey, “violence in the home is endemic, and police and courts regularly fail to protect women who have applied for protection orders under the Family Protection Law [and] reports of spouses and family members killing women rose in 2011,” Human Rights Watch reported.  Keep reading…


Turkey’s Erdogan cuts ties with France over fact of Armenian genocide

It’s not just Israel anymore.

Turkish nut-job, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is upset that France brought up Turkey’s horrific Armenian genocide. Muslims are always trying to rewrite history because the truth is so shameful. Call them on it, and they will always throw a hissy fit. Turkey’s economy is in the tank, so this isn’t going to help them one bit.

Will Obama and Clinton demand that France apologize to the Islamonazi kook as they do Netanyahu?

Obama gives pal Erdogan a big hug at 2011 G20 Summit

Arutz Sheva – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Thursday that he would cancel all political, economic and military meetings between representatives of Turkey and France. He also forbade French aircraft from landing in Turkey and said French ships were no longer welcome in Turkey’s ports.

Turkish television reported earlier that Ankara would call back its ambassador from Paris.

President Barack Obama, right, shakes hands during his bilateral meeting with Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, left, in New York, Tuesday, Sept., 20, 2011. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

The crisis was precipitated by a bill ratified Thursday in the French parliament, according to which denying the 1915 Armenian genocide would be punishable by a jail sentence of up to one year and a 45,000 euro fine. The bill has yet to receive final approval in the senate.

Turkey has been threatening a tough response if the bill is passed. Armenia, meanwhile, expressed its official thanks to France for approving the bill.

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian told AFP that France had “once again proved its commitment to universal human values”.

Spengler: Egypt and Turkey’s catastrophic futures

David Goldman, a.k.a, Spengler, has an interesting read at PJMedia. In his piece he explains why both Egypt and Turkey, indeed, the entire so-called ‘Arab Spring,’ is doomed to something far worse than failure.

Goldman sums up:

“There is no center of power, no reorientation, no neo-Ottoman empire, no Shi’ite crescent, no Arab Spring, no coherent description of what is occurring in the Middle East. There is only catastrophic social breakdown, civil unrest, despair and violence. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, they will be used. We cannot fix the Middle East. We can only protect ourselves from the fallout, starting with acquisition of WMD by a terrorist state.”

I’m currently reading Goldman’s latest book, “How Civilizations Die (and why Islam is Dying, Too),” and it is superb. It deserves much more attention than it has gotten. Goldman provides numerous fascinating history lessons, on top of an excellent explanation of world demographics, and how and why world population is actually on the cusp of dramatic decline, and not explosion, as has become the Liberal meme. He argues convincingly that it is population implosion, not explosion, that will shake the world.


PJMedia – The mainstream media has finally picked up the story I’ve been telling since February about Egypt’s impending economic collapse. The country is nearly out of money.

Under the headline, “The Egyptian pound has a distressed future,” the Financial Times reported Nov. 16, just before the last days’ slaughter on Tahrir Square, “Investors are betting against the Egyptian pound, expressing their belief that it is soon to take a dive through the futures market while the spot market is held up by Egyptian government support. The pound’s twelve-month non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) weakened 2.8 per cent on Wednesday on fears that Egypt’s reserves, which are being used to support the currency, might be reaching critical levels. The spot market, in contrast, held steady – but for how long?”

Reuters reports:

CAIRO Nov 22 (Reuters) – Egypt’s pound fell to its weakest against the dollar since January 2005 on Tuesday as mass protests against army rule prompted the cabinet to tender its resignation and threw polls into doubt, giving a fresh jolt to a shaky business climate.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has sought to defend the currency during the nine turbulent months since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak, but now traders said the pound could soon break through 6 to the dollar as investors run for cover.

They said demand for dollars among local companies and individuals had grown with the street clashes that have left 36 people dead since Saturday. Voting in the three-phase poll for the lower house of parliament is due to start on Nov. 28.

Egypt’s stock market is in free-fall, down 50% since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. What’s interesting is that Turkey’s stock market isn’t far behind.

The economic crisis overwhelming the Middle East stretches from Libya all the way through to Turkey. The problems are of a different order, to be sure. As I reported earlier, Egypt’s spendable foreign exchange reserves are down to just $13 billion and falling daily as the central bank buys its own unwanted currency from the market in order to postpone the inevitable collapse in the change rate. Why not just devalue? The probable answer is that the generals and their civilian front men are moving as much money as they can out of the country before Egypt goes bankrupt. Last month the generals fired all the private-sector board members of the central bank, as I reported at Asia Times Online. Everything that can be sold abroad for cash is being sold. Al-Ahram reported Nov. 19 that there is no enforcement of the ban on rice exports, because controls have simply broken down. Egypt subsidizes rice at a fraction of the world market price, so traders have an incentive to sell it overseas. Not only the country’s capacity to buy food in the future, but its existing stocks of food are disappearing. And Egypt imports half its caloric consumption.

No wonder the country is blowing up. An out-of-control kleptocracy is frantically trying to close on townhouses in Chelsea and apartments in the 16th arondissement before the central bank’s foreign exchange reserves run out. What will ensue, will be horrifying.

Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey is in no danger of starvation, to be sure, but it faces a severe economic setback: Tayyip Erdogan, the country’s Islamist prime minister, spurred the country’s banks to lend huge amounts to consumers in advance of last June’s national elections. Bank lending rose at by 40% in 2010 and by another 40% in 2011, and Turks bought consumer goods from abroad, running up a balance of payments deficit exceeding 10% of GDP (the same level as Greece). Most of that is financed by short-term debt. Turkey won’t go bankrupt — it’s overall debt levels are manageable — but its economy will have to shrink by a good 5% to staunch the bleeding. That will deflate the neo-Ottoman balloon that Erdogan has been floating, and make it much harder to suppress Turkish grievances in the impoverished Eastern corner of the country.

There is no center of power, no reorientation, no neo-Ottoman empire, no Shi’ite crescent, no Arab Spring, no coherent description of what is occurring in the Middle East. There is only catastrophic social breakdown, civil unrest, despair and violence. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, they will be used. We cannot fix the Middle East. We can only protect ourselves from the fallout, starting with acquisition of WMD by a terrorist state. The last sentence of my book How Civilizations Die (and why Islam is Dying, Too) quotes Virgil’s warning to Dante in Canto III of the Inferno: Non ragionam da lor, ma guarda e pasa. Nothing to see here, folks. Keep moving.

G-20 Obama: Turkey’s Erdogan gets a hug, other leaders a handshake will do

What an embarrassment this president is. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan is running around the Middle East stirring up trouble and threatening war with Cypus and Israel as he jails journalists at home, and Imam-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama rushes over to give him a big hug. The guy is such a weirdo.


Weekly Standard (h/t Weasel Zippers) – An interesting bit from White House reporter Tangi Quéméner’s latest pool report from the G-20 in Cannes, France:

[President Obama] entered the room at 1:15 and took to his left, heading to Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. They chatted for a few seconds before British Prime minister David Cameron joined them. Hard to understand what they were saying amid the cameras noise. POTUS then took a stroll to Australian Premier Julia Gillard who got a hug as European president Herman van Rompuy, European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan were watching. Eventually the Europeans got a handshake but Erdogan got the hug treatment. POTUS then walked all the way around after noticing that “people are really far away around there”. He stopped for quick handshakes and reached out to President Hu of China, telling him ‘ni hao’ (hello). They cordially shook hands and posed for photographers…POTUS then greeted his Argentinian counterpart Cristina Kirchner who just got reelected without runoff. Angela Merkel was just congratulating her (in English). “So Nicolas, we all have to take lessons” of Kirchner’s victory, joked POTUS, who’s up for reelection in ’12, as Sarkozy is (next May).

Isn’t this whole scene pretty standard for President Obama? The Europeans get a handshake and the Islamist Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gets a hug. And all the president seems to have in mind is campaign politics and his reelection effort.

Turkey hit by 7.2 earthquake, buildings collapse, hundreds injured

Arutz Sheva reports that Israel has offered Turkey humanitarian aid. The offer was relayed to Turkish officials by the Israeli embassy in Ankara.

Oct 23, 2011 by

Turkey’s state-run television says a powerful quake has killed 30 people and injured 150 others in the eastern town of Ercis. The 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Turkey on Sunday.

Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) – Turkey was struck by its most powerful earthquake in at least a decade Sunday, as a major tremor and at least seven aftershocks rattled the poor east of the country.

Some 25 apartment buildings and a student dormitory collapsed in the town of Ercis on the north shore of Lake Van, the Turkish Red Crescent said.

Local rescuers took many wounded people out of the dormitory, the Red Crescent statement said, without saying exactly how many.

They called for rescue workers, heavy machinery and drinking water, and set up a crisis desk in the capital Ankara.

Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said 10 buildings had collapsed in the center of the city of Van, citing local authorities.

Health Minister Recep Akdag said an air ambulance and several helicopters would go to the quake zone.

Television pictures from Van Province showed rescuers and members of the public climbing over massive piles of cinderblocks that had been a building before the earthquake hit.

Ambulances and bulldozers were on the scene.

A seven-story building collapsed on Kazim Karabekir Street in the city of Van, and more buildings were reduced to rubble the village of Tabanli in Van Province, the Anatolian news agency said. It was unknown how many people were trapped.

Video from CNN Turk showed the inside of shaking buildings, and people gathering outside on the streets.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will fly to the area Sunday afternoon, his office said.

Israel offered Turkey “any help if may require” after the earthquake, Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s office said. Israel and Turkey, once close allies, saw a deterioration in relations in a dispute over an Israeli naval commando raid on the Gaza-bound ship Mavi Marmara, in which nine Turkish activists were killed.

Turkey is “no stranger to having these seismic events,” but Sunday’s quake is considered major, CNN Meteorologist Reynolds Wolf reported.

The U.S. Geological Survey initially reported the quake had a magnitude of 7.3, then revised it down to 7.2.

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Turkey planning to send three warships towards Israel

Turkish Prime Minister Erdo-gonad ups the rhetoric and threats. He is clearly psychotic and on the ego-ride of his life.

Here is the great Erdogan riding a horse. This is what will happen to him if he messes with Israel.

Jerusalem Post – Turkey is planning to send three warships to the Eastern Mediterranean to defend against Israeli vessels if necessary and ensure freedom of navigation for Turkish ships, Today’s Zaman reported on Monday.

The Turkish ships will provide protection for ships bringing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and confront Israeli warships outside of Israel’s territorial waters if necessary, according to the report.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan saw “grounds for war” with Israel last year after a deadly raid on a Turkish ship headed for Gaza, according to a transcript of a recent interview.

State news agency Anatolia released late on Sunday what it said was an original Turkish-language transcript of an interview Erdogan gave to Al Jazeera television last week. It included elements not broadcast as well as original wording for sensitive comments that had been transmitted only in Arabic translation.

Among previously unpublished elements, Erdogan said the IDF’s deadly raid last year on a Turkish ship headed for Gaza would have justified going to war: “The attack that took place in international waters did not comply with any international law. In fact, it was grounds for war. However, befitting Turkey’s greatness, we decided to act with patience,” he said.

The transcript in Turkish from Anatolian, apparently provided by Erdogan’s office, also gave the following account of the prime minister’s response to a question on what Turkey would do to ensure free passage for its ships in the Mediterranean.

“Right now, without a doubt, the primary duty of Turkish navy ships is to protect its own ships,” Erdogan said. (more >>>)

Turkey’s Erdogan announces he’ll send warships to escort next Gaza flotilla

Turkey’s jerky PM, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, really is on a roll. He’s clearly trying to prove something to someone. In addition to sending warships to escort any Turkish ‘aid’ vessel that wants to go to Gaza, he’s also promising to step up naval patrols in the eastern Mediterranean, threatening to attack Cyprus, and intending to hold a joint naval exercise at the end with Egypt. What a shmuck.

Ynet – Turkish warships will escort any Turkish aid vessels to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with Al-Jazeera television on Thursday.

Erdogan also said that Turkey has taken steps to “stop Israel from unilaterally exploiting natural resources from the eastern Mediterranean.”

Erdogan will visit Egypt next week as part of a regional tour and is expected to sign several trade and military agreements with Cairo.

Turkey is a prominent member in NATO and “Egypt is determined to hold the maneuvers in spite of its current political climate,” the source told the website.

While in Egypt, Erdogan will meet with Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, Defense Minister Mohammed Hussein Tantawi and other top officials.

According to Egyptian media, a mission of high-ranking Turkish officials will accompany Erdogan, including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, Ankara’s trade minister and several prominent businessmen. (more >>>)

Turkey’s Erdogan escalates: suspends trade, defense, military relations with Israel, and threatens to attack Cyprus

Turkey continues its belligerence with more sanctions, threats, and bluster.

The Islamonazi, Tayyip Erdogan, has officially joined the ranks of every other cranky despot that has ever arisen to power in the Islamic world.

If the U.S. had a real leader, this steaming turd would be better behaved. But he knows that he is living in a time with no world leadership, and so knows he can get away with any mischief he chooses to make.

Arutz Sheva – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stirred up the Middle East further Tuesday, halting trade with Israel while Turkey threatens to attack Cyprus if it lets Noble Energy drill for gas. Israeli businessman Yitzchak Tshuva has options to license some of the gas.

Ignoring pleas from the United States to calm down after a United Nations report stated that Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza is legal, Erdogan warned he will send more ships to patrol in the Mediterranean Sea and still is considering a visit to Hamas-controlled Gaza.

He said Turkey is “totally suspending” defense industry ties with Israel, two days after recalling its ambassador and reducing diplomatic ties to a third-tier level.

The threat to attack Cyprus, reported by Globes, concerns “Block 12,” where the American-based Noble Energy firm plans to explore for gas. It is located north of the Israeli oil and gas field Leviathan, which Hizbullah has warned belongs to Lebanon.

Both gas fields are thought to contain huge gas reserves, with the Leviathan field already having been determined to be the largest natural gas discovery in the world in recent years.

Last week, Turkey’s Minister to the European Union,  Ag’mn Bag’is, said the drilling, planned to begin October 1, “is precisely the reason our warships are in the area. That is why we built our army and trained our soldiers. It is illegal to explore waters that do not belong to them.”

Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and controls more than one-third of the island, although the international community does not recognize its sovereignty.

Last December, Turkey was furious at an agreement signed between Cyprus and Israel that determined borders for exclusive trade zones.

Turkey expels Israeli ambassador, cancels military agreements

Turkish foreign minister rejects findings of U.N.’s Palmer report, says Ankara to embark on diplomatic offensive • Israel says there will be no apology •  MK Danny Danon (Likud) sends letter to Hillary Clinton: Declare Turkey a state supporter of terrorism.

Turkey is a lost cause. It has drifted solidly into the dark side, as the ever-naive and shortsighted West will one day realize.

Israel Hayom – Turkey on Friday downgraded its diplomatic relations with Israel to the lowest possible level, expelling the Israeli ambassador and canceling all military agreements with Israel, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told reporters, a day after The New York Times published a leaked U.N. report into the May 2010 Gaza flotilla incident.

The report backed Israel’s legal right to impose a naval blockade on Gaza, but said Israeli commandos used “excessive and unacceptable force” when they commandeered the Mavi Marmara, the lead ship in the Gaza-bound flotilla, in international waters. The report slammed Turkey for not doing enough to ward off the deadly confrontation at sea. Turkey has rejected the report’s conclusions and is sticking to its demand that Israel apologize for the incident, which left nine of its citizens dead, and compensate the victims’ families.

A visibly angry Davutoglu told reporters at a press conference that since Israel had not apologized for the incident, Ankara was embarking on a series of steps against Israel, including scrapping all military agreements between the two once-close allies, and downgrading diplomatic ties to the level of second secretary. Davutoglu said that Israel’s ambassador in Ankara, Gaby Levy, will leave Turkey by Wednesday.

Davutoglyu said Turkey would initiate legal action against the Gaza blockade in international courts, as well as aid families of those killed in the Gaza flotilla raid in seeking litigation against Israel.

“Israel, in fact, has misused many of the chances that were given to them and the Israeli government, on the other hand, see themselves [as being] above international laws and human conscience,” Davutoglu said.

All military agreements “have been suspended as of now,” Davutoglu said, and Turkey will now take any measures necessary for maintaining security in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the foreign minister said.

Israel says there will be no apology. Israeli officials told the Associated Press the report does not demand an Israeli apology, establishing instead that Israel should express regret and pay reparations.

An Israeli official said Friday that the report showed Israel’s actions were in keeping with international law. The official said Israel hoped the two countries could now “return to the cooperation that was a cornerstone of regional stability,” AP reported. (more Turkish delight >>)

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Thousands of Turkish Muslims hold funeral ceremony for Osama bin Laden

Turkey continues down the democariah toilet.

Once held up as the poster child of proof that Muslims could embrace democracy, the short-lived experiment has become instead a road map for other Middle East countries in how to use democracy to take over a country and establish a Islamofascist regime.

Here we have thousands of protesters in Turkey screaming “Allahu Akbar” as they held a mock funeral for Osama Bin Laden.

Undhimmi via GWP – Thousands participated in a funeral ceremony for assassinated al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Istanbul on Friday, following Muslim burial rites but not including an actual burial.

Bin Laden was taken out by Navy SEAL troops last week and was subsequently buried at sea.

“The US, UK and Israel are the murderers of the martyr,” the participants chanted. “The US is the terrorist, bin Laden is the warrior.”

The mourners carried pictures of bin Laden and signs condemning his assassination, and called the man who planned the September 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans “a beautiful, wise man, a warrior for Islam.”

The mourners, who gathered near Istanbul’s Fatih Mosque, which is located in the area that is considered Turkey’s epicenter of Islamic extremism, burned Israeli, American and British flags, and prayed facing a stone bench that traditionally holds the body of the deceased.

Iraqi Christians flee hell and pile into Turkey

Seeing the writing on the wall, Iraqi Christians are fleeing to Turkey in increasing numbers, where Christians are much more tolerated. For now, anyway.

If you’re an Iraqi, and a Christian, there are not a lot of choices to go searching for refuge. You got nutjob countries to the east, west, and south of you.

According to Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News, a tiny Chaldean Catholic community in Turkey that has embraced the refugees, says about 150 Christian families, or more than 600 people, arrived in Turkey in December, almost the same as during the whole of 2009.

Figures by the Turkey office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees confirm the trend, saying that the number of asylum applications by Iraqi Christians has more than doubled in three months – from 183 in October to 428 in December.

For Iraqi Christians, this is their idea of ‘Turkish delight’.


Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News via

Terrorized by mounting extremist attacks, more and more Iraqi Christians are fleeing in panic to neighboring Turkey, among them lone minors sent away by desperate parents.

In Istanbul, a tiny Chaldean Catholic community has embraced the refugees, serving as their first point of shelter before the United Nations or local civic groups extend a helping hand.

The number of arrivals, available statistics show, has sharply increased since Oct. 31, when gunmen stormed a Baghdad church, killing 44 worshippers, two priests and seven security guards in an attack claimed by al-Qaeda’s local affiliate.

[…] In Istanbul, among the newest refugees is 21-year-old Sandra, whose family fled Baghdad in mid-November, alarmed by the church carnage and ensuing threats by Islamist extremists. Christians represent less than 2 percent of the population in Muslim-majority Iraq.

“Some of our neighbors were killed in that attack,” Sandra told AFP at the Chaldean Catholic Church in Istanbul. “At any time, it would have been our turn, the turn of our church.” Her father, a cook, made the decision to flee when the family felt the menace had reached its doorstep.

“We were at home with my mother and sister. At about 10:30 p.m., some men stormed in and made us lie down. They told us: ‘Either you become Muslims or you go. Otherwise we kill you,’” Sandra said.

In her dreams, Australia is the final destination in a journey to a new life. Going back home is not even an option.

“Going back to what? Getting killed?” she asked.

[…] According to church records, some 150 Christian families, or more than 600 people, arrived in Turkey in December, almost the same as during the whole of 2009.

[…] Figures by the Turkey office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees tend to confirm the trend: The number of asylum applications by Iraqi Christians has more than doubled in three months – from 183 in October to 428 in December.

for the whole Turkish delight >>>