Switzerland: Several Jewish sites and monuments defiled by swastikas

A memorial for Holocaust deportees, as well as a well-known synagogue and Jewish bookshop, were defaced Thursday night with the Nazi swastika.

Recall that anti-Semitic acts in Switzerland jumped 28% in 2011, the biggest increase since records began being kept. In July I posted about a Swiss political party promoting itself using a doll of a man wearing a yarmulke with an arrow in its head, and an Israeli flag painted on it. Jew-hatred in Switzerland, though not much reported, goes back uninterrupted hundreds of years.

The Swiss Jewish community is only about 18,000, virtually unchanged from the 1950s. The population of Switzerland is around 7.6 million. The Muslim population in Switzerland has increased rapidly from 16,353 in 1970 to an estimated 400,000 persons today. See an interesting 2008 study on the situation here.

Israel Hayom – The Jewish community in Geneva awoke Friday morning to find several of its sites and monuments defiled by swastikas.

A memorial plaque in Geneva’s banking quarter that serves to honor the memory of World War II deportees was sprayed with a red swastika, the symbol of Nazi Germany, as were a Jewish library and bookshop, as well as the Hekhal Haness synagogue, the city’s largest, in the nearby Malagnou neighborhood.

“We are outraged by the anti-Semitic act, a week after Holocaust Remembrance Day,” Ron Aufseesser, steering committee member of the Jewish community of Geneva, told the French-language Tribune de Geneve newspaper. Aufseesser added that the synagogue is protected by a video surveillance system, so he hopes that “the tapes can be used to identify the perpetrator so he can be held accountable in a court of law.”

David Amar, who works in the synagogue, was also outraged by the anti-Semitic act.

“It’s amazing that in Switzerland, in this day and age, people still commit such horrors,” he told Tribune de Geneve.

Switzerland: Anti-Semitic acts jumped 28% in 2011, biggest increase since records began being kept

The famously ‘neutral’ Swiss have never been neutral when it comes to hating Jews.

Anti-Semitic incidents in Switzerland have reached their highest number since 2003, and many of them were considered “grave.”

Arutz Sheva – There has been an increase in the number of recorded anti-Semitic incidents in Switzerland, the CICAD, a Geneva-based organization that coordinates the fight against anti-Semitism and defamation announced, the European Jewish Press noted.

The CICAD’s annual report shows that the number of anti-Semitic acts increased by 28 percent in 2011, totaling 130 cases, as opposed to 104 the previous year.

While the figure increase is quite alarming, the nature of these acts remain a primary concern of Jewish groups. Six of the reported incidents were said to be “serious,” while 5 were deemed “grave,” the report noted.

CICAD President Alain Bruno Levy asserted that the increase is a cause for concern and that the year 2011 has seen the biggest increase in anti-Semitism since the beginning of the census in 2003.

In Lausanne, a rabbinical assistant was beaten, and in Geneva an Orthodox Jew was stabbed in the street as he was visiting the Natural History Museum with his family.

Levy explained that the increase is due, in part, to the popularity of social networking sites. “The conspiracy theory resurfaced, especially via the internet,” he said. “Internet users are creating their blogs and comments on articles to vent their anti-Semitic hatred. Using the pretext of freedom of expression, activists intend to impose a ‘right to discriminate and to defame,'” Levy explained.

He also noted that the conflict in the Middle East helps fuel anti-Semitism.

Johanne Gurfinkiel, CICAD Secretary General, stressed the importance of educating the public in combating anti-Semitism and noted that the report made a series of recommendations regarding the most effective ways of combating the upsurge of prejudice and hatred.

Swiss youths riot in streets of Zurich, over 90 arrested

More riots in Europe. According to Swiss police, the riot started from an unlicensed open-air rave near the central railway station in Zurich that had brought in a lot of youths from outside the city. From the video, it looks like more than that, however.

The Blaze – Zurich police used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse a violent youth riot late Saturday night in a scene that called to mind the U.K. unrest last month.

The Zurich police made 91 arrests, and about half remained in detention as of yesterday, according to Swiss Info.  Many of those currently in custody threw stones at police, shattered shop windows, destroyed cars and set trash cans on fire.

According to Swiss police, the riot started as an unlicensed open-air rave near the central railway station in Zurich that brought in youth mostly from outside the city. Only a handful of rioters were over the age of 25.

Daniel Leupi, the Police Chief of Zurich, described the youths as “riot tourists.”

You can watch the disturbing video of the youth riots in Zurich courtesy of Euronews here:

Zurich has seen several events of unrest involving violent youth mobs recently, including an attempt earlier in the day by about 200 protestors to disrupt an anti-abortion rally. The counter-protest group ended up skirmishing with police. The week before, 1,000 gathered for an illegal party and clashes erupted when police asked youths to get down from on top of a tram.

Other Swiss authorities have already reached out for help to stem the rising tide of crime and unrest in a country known for almost 200 years of neutrality in wars. The deteriorating security situation in the Geneva canton (state) forced officials to seek training from the NYPD last week. The NYPD is world renowned for crime reduction and crowd control and will help train Swiss police, who have been blamed recently for ineffective policies.

Swiss political party threatens Jews with death

A Swiss political party used a doll with an arrow in the forehead to promote itself. One doesn’t normally think of Switzerland when it comes to European Jew-hatred, but according to a 2000 BBC article, it’s quite prevalent and always has been.

The BBC wrote, “A survey in Switzerland suggests that anti-semitism remains deeply rooted in the country. It indicates that 16% of Swiss people are fundamentally anti-semitic, while 60% have anti-semitic sympathies.”

That was 2000. A lot of anti-Israel propaganda has crossed the coconut wires since then. No doubt those numbers are significantly higher today. So this party isn’t playing to empty bleachers.

The Swiss Jewish community is only about 18,000, virtually unchanged from the 1950s. The population of Switzerland is around 7.6 million. The Muslim population in Switzerland has increased rapidly from 16,353 in 1970 to an estimated 400,000 persons today. See an interesting 2008 study on the situation here.

Well, Switzerland, good luck with that. Swiss Jews, get your Jewish fannies over here to Israel while you still can.

The blog Daphne Anson, makes this interesting connection about the seeming bizarre doll and arrow gimmick. She says it represents a “grotesque adaptation of the legend regarding Swiss folk hero William Tell – a symbol of his country’s resistance against Austria – who of course shot an arrow that cleanly sliced an apple resting atop his son’s head.”  Good catch there, Daphne Anson.

Swiss anti-Israel protest

Ynet – Ads promoting an independence party in Geneva featured a doll of a man wearing a yarmulke with an arrow in its head and an Israeli flag painted on it, Swiss media reported Friday.

According to Swiss reports, a local anti-Semitic and anti-Israel group, the GNC, is behind the ad. Last week, a Swiss politician called for a ban on products made in Israel.

The anti-Semitic ads incurred the wrath of members of the Jewish community in the country. “This is a call for the murder of Jews,” said Jonah Gurfinkel. Sabine Simkhovitch-Dreyfus, deputy director of the Jewish community federation said: “A red line has been crossed.”

A GNC member claimed the ad was directed against the Israeli government, but Dreyfus rejected his claims saying, “Sadly the arrow on the forehead does not leave a shadow of a doubt.” Jewish groups are now considering a lawsuit against the GNC.

Jew-hating Arabs, Leftists forced Bush to scrap speech to Swiss Jews

Last week I wrote about George Bush and Sarah Palin both being forced to cancel Keynote speeches because of Leftist intimidation. There is more on that story now from Israelnationalnews.

Bush had to cancel his speech to the United Israel Appeal (UIA) in Switzerland due to concerns for his security.

His appearance was called off after intelligence officials said that Arabs, anarchists and anti-Israel Leftists planned to cause disturbances at the event.

“Left oriented anarchist organizations, part of them Arab, part of them anti-Israel, they all teamed together to block Bush,” Metuki told The Miami Herald, adding that Internet chatter pointed to the possibility of a protest similar to those “who threw Molotov cocktails in Davos, who come to just destroy.”

Anti-Israel organizers also had called on demonstrators to bring a shoe to throw at Bush, copying a protest action by an Arab journalist when Bush appeared in Baghdad in 2008.

In the original story, we were told that the cancellation was due to a threat to ask Swiss authorities to arrest the former president for alleged crimes.

That came from the execrable, Leftist organization Amnesty International, which is little more than a bunch of hypocrites that fleece well-meaning donors for millions of dollars a year to fund their anti-Israel, anti-American racket.

The Amnesty International claim was rejected by a spokesman for Bush and the UIA as being totally untrue and without foundation. “It’s all rubbish.”

Speaking of blood libels…this week in history

Lots of talk about ‘blood libels‘ this week. Concurrently, 662 years ago this week there was a horrible libel in Basel, Switzerland that almost completely wiped out the Jews of that city. “On January 9, 1349, nearly the entire Jewish population of Basel was massacred by the townspeople as Jews were blamed for the Black Plague,” reports the Jerusalem Post today.

In 14th century Europe people were dropping like flies – thanks to their cousin the flea – carrying the bubonic plague on the backs of rats. However, at the time, nobody knew the cause of the horrible plague, and when you didn’t understand anything bad back then, you blamed the Jews. They poisoned the wells, you see. The same wells they themselves drank from.

That’s right, there never has been anything logical about the longest hatred. Such events happened countless times for countless reasons in countless places for countless years across Europe. Similarly absurd accusations still occur regularly in the Arab world today. But they don’t burn their Jews alive like the fine people of Basil did, because they don’t have more than a few Jews left to burn. They already expelled or killed them.


Jerusalem Post

At the end of the 14th century in Europe, scores were dying from the Black Plague and nobody knew why. That is, until a scapegoat was found. On January 9, 1349, nearly the entire Jewish population of Basel was massacred by the townspeople. Ignorant to the causes of the plague, the people and local leaders of modern Switzerland, France and Germany accused Jews of poisoning wells. Most were burnt alive.

[…] In the beginning of 1349 in Basel, the Jewish community was rounded up. The children were separated from their parents and forcefully baptized. The 600 remaining adults were brought to a specially-built wooden structure on an island in the Rhine river and locked inside. The building was set ablaze, burning the Jews alive. Following the mass murder, the city of Basel resolved that no Jews were to be allowed in the city for 200 years, although this was revoked some decades later.

read the whole scapegoating story here >>>