Australia: Socialists receive drubbing of a generation in Queensland election, utterly decimated

After 20 years at the helm, the socialist Labor party met with humiliating defeat yesterday in state elections.

It’s doubtful this wipeout will get much, if any, play in America’s Democrat-controlled media, however. The Obama media will be fearful that Americans might get some funny ideas.

After all, we are meant to believe that socialism is inevitable, and that the entire world is begging for it.

This upheaval suggests that the contrary might be the case; that the silent majority is waking up and saying, ‘enough!’

Well, one can hope, anyway.

Good on ya, Aussies!


American Thinker – A political earthquake measuring 10.0 plus on the Richter scale rumbled and the accompanying unprecedented political tsunami surged over the entire State decimating the socialists in the State of Queensland as a consequence of the State election held yesterday (Saturday 24th March).

In the 89 Seat House of Assembly the Labor Party (the socialists) had been in government for twenty (20) years with 52 seats in the House. The conservative opposition, the LNP (Liberal National Party) led by a retired Australian Army major achieved a massive swing of 17% resulting in attaining 78 Seats in the new Parliament as opposed to their 31 Seats in the previous Parliament. The socialists were reduced to a mere 7 Seats thus losing their status as an official Parliamentary party and losing public funding.

Political pundits, socialists and of course the MSM are stunned. Some of the descriptions being bandied about include: massacre, carnage, blood-bath, annihilation, decimation etc. Former Premier and predecessor of Premier Bligh, Peter Beattie, is speechless. This is a bloke who has never been lost for words.

History has been made in Australia and of course in the “Smart” State (coined by Peter Beattie) and Queenslanders have shown that they are indeed smart but not in the manner as expected by the socialists who are accustomed to assuming that their lies, their spin and their propaganda were impenetrable. Some of the Seats lost by the socialists had been held by them for 100 years.

The result means that the socialists will need some 15 years to re-build and may not warm the government benches for a generation.  (more >>>)

What others are saying:

Brisbane Times > Recriminations flare after Labor wipeout

LABOR has been virtually erased from the Queensland electoral map, causing Anna Bligh to quit politics, severely damaging Julia Gillard’s chances of staying in government and fuelling bitter recriminations.

Sydney Morning Herald > Labor looks down the barrel after Queensland rout

THE Queensland Labor Party, all but wiped from the electoral map at the weekend, is now reduced to a frantic search for a leader after a ”heartbroken” Anna Bligh announced yesterday she was quitting Parliament.

Radio Australia > Bligh quits after historic defeat

A new political era is dawning in Queensland, with the Liberal National Party poised to take the biggest parliamentary majority in the state’s history.

Labor suffered a crushing defeat at the polls and has been reduced to just a handful of seats in the 89-seat Parliament.

Wall Street Journal > Headache For Gillard As Queensland Labor Party Loses Heavily

The Labor Party suffered a landslide defeat in elections in Australia’s Queensland state late Saturday, a result that underscores the battle facing Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her party at federal level when voters go to the ballot boxes in 2013.

Queensland’s outgoing premier, Anna Bligh, who won plaudits for the way she handled some of the worst flooding in decades last year but failed to turn around her party’s flagging fortunes, retained her seat on a night when many of her cabinet colleagues were voted out.

Canberra Times > Queensland shows Labor brand is toxic

Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott says the crushing win by the Liberal National Party (LNP) in Queensland shows the Labor brand is toxic across Australia.

Mr Abbott said Labor MPs around the country would be very worried because governments which aren’t competent lose ”big time”.

”I think the Labor brand has become toxic and the only way for the Labor Party to recover is to have a good long hard look at itself, to rediscover what it believes in, what it stands for, who it represents and also to regain a bit of political integrity,” Mr Abbott told Sky News.

Herald Sun > Queensland’s Labor party ‘in crisis’, Anna Bligh quits

Labor heavyweights and federal MPs from the sunshine state say action is needed to ensure the weekend’s bloodbath is not mimicked at a federal election due next year.

Former premier Peter Beattie said the party was in crisis.

Mr Beattie told the ABC Prime Minister Julia Gillard needed to “buy a house here” to ensure federal MPs got their message out.

“We have to rebuild or the Labor Party can lose the next federal election in Queensland alone,” he said.

“We have to sell what the Labor Party’s done or we will face a similar wipeout here.”

Outgoing premier Anna Bligh quit Parliament after the rout that saw her government lose more than 40 seats and retain only seven.

Australia expels Israeli folk dance group from multi-culti festival

See, in the new normal it’s quite normal that ‘multiculturalism’ includes everyone but Jews or Israelis.

This demonstrates how fascist the insipid ‘multicultural’ movement really is. The Machol Israeli Dancing Club, formed in 1993, doesn’t even appear to be Israeli. They are just folk dance-loving Australians. The gutless festival co-ordinator, one Marta Balan, seems to have come under pressure from outside groups, no doubt either Islamic or Leftist, or both.

The Australian festival co-ordinator has no problem with Irish, Chinese, Hungarian, Armenaian, or Ukrainian folk dancers, but in the festival co-ordinator’s racist and bigoted eyes, Jews are, shall we say ‘verboten’, and not a real culture, apparently.

Here is a picture of the sinister Machol Israeli Dancing Club:

Dear Machol Israeli Dancing Club: No Jews Allowed!

Australian Jewish News – A MULTICULTURAL Folk Dance Festival boasting support from the Victorian Government has dropped an Israeli dance troupe from its program after the group refused to change its name.

The Machol Israeli Dancing Club was excluded from the Multicultural Folk Dance Festival of High Country in Mansfield after a dispute with the festival co-ordinator, Marta Balan, over the truncation of the troupe’s name to “Machol Group”.

Members of the group were bewildered when all references to Israel in the program were deleted, with no changes made to other groups including Chinese, Hungarian, Armenaian and Ukrainian Traditional Folk Dances and the Irish Reel and Jigs.

“Instead, we were depicted as the Jewish dance group,” said a member of the troupe, Ester Blumenthal-Skop. Continue reading

Sydney girls battle it out in brutal gang initiation rights

If the economy or Islamonazis don’t get us first, the deterioration of the culture will.


UK Daily Mail – Shocking footage of teenage girls as young as 14 years embroiled in vicious brawls have been posted on the internet as part of a sickening initiation into street gangs in Australia.

Prearranged fights are being organised between a group of about 30 girls from schools in Sydney.

The clashes are then filmed by teenage boys before the bloody scenes are edited and uploaded to YouTube.

Girls are seen punching, kicking and pulling each others’ hair as they brawl in car parks and stations as baying teenagers egg them on.

The clashes get so vicious that many of the bleeding teenagers have to be pulled apart by onlookers. In one video, a fight is stopped after a girl’s nose is broken when she is kicked in the face while lying on the ground – a move onlookers label a ‘dog shot’.

According to the website, most of the girls involved in the videos attend high schools in the Sydney area and are seeking admittance to a notorious gang called called See F****** Hurstville.

However, it has been claimed former students and teenagers from schools further afield are also involved.

Meaghan Ross, a 16-year-old high school drop-out, is the girl who had her nose broken in the video and had to have hospital treatment following the  fight.

However she is bizarrely proud to have the footage of her fight with a fellow gang member posted online.

She told the website: ‘I’ve had cops come up to me and say they saw the video on YouTube.

‘They don’t care if we fight. I think they’re used to it.’

She also claimed the girl she fought with – 15-year-old Tiamera Nelio – is now one of her closest friends.

click to watch

Ms Nelio, who said she lost part of a tooth in the brawl, told ‘Now people know they shouldn’t mess with me.

‘It’s good that we have YouTube to get our message out there.’

Following the emergence of the videos, police in New South Wales have vowed to crack down on any teenagers caught fighting.

The footage has now been removed from YouTube, with a spokesman for the company claiming it did not know how many violent videos were uploaded to the website because clips are no checked before they are uploaded.

The spokesman said YouTube relied on viewers to make complaints about offensive videos.

Islamic preacher to Aussie PM – sharia is inevitable, “step down and let the Muslims take over”

More of those positive, moderate Muslim vibes from the “religion of peace”. An Australian preacher doesn’t like democracy, being ruled by infidels, or thieves with hands still attached.

He believes that Muslim control of Australia is inevitable, and so Aussies might as well give it up and get with the game.

One day Australia will live under sharia; it’s inevitable,” he said. “If they (Australians) don’t accept it, that’s not our problem. We hope, and our objective is to have a peaceful transition, but when you look at history that has never been the case. There’s always been a fight. It is inevitable that one day there will be a struggle for Islam in Australia.”

Since no one in Australia or the rest of the world is likely to take notice, he’s probably right about the inevitability thing.

The Australian via Jihad Watch

ISLAMIC preacher Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon points heavenwards to emphasise his message for the governments of Australia — there is no God but Allah and only his laws should be obeyed.

“My attack is on the Prime Minister of Australia,” he said yesterday. “I hate the parliament in Canberra. I want to go straight for the jugular vein and advise the parliament that they have no right to legislate. They should immediately step down and let the Muslims take over.”

An Australian-born convert to Islam, Siddiq-Conlon is the self-anointed leader of a group called Sharia4Australia, which is pushing for the introduction of sharia courts as a first step towards achieving Islamic law.

One day Australia will live under sharia; it’s inevitable,” he said. “If they (Australians) don’t accept it, that’s not our problem. We hope, and our objective is to have a peaceful transition, but when you look at history that has never been the case. There’s always been a fight. It is inevitable that one day there will be a struggle for Islam in Australia.”

A masters graduate in architecture from the University of Technology Sydney, Siddiq-Conlon formed Sharia4Australia last year. He said he had three objectives. The first is to persuade Muslims they must hate “taghoot”, the worship of any God other than Allah, which includes democracy.

“They must hate it, speak out against it. And, if that doesn’t work, take action against it.”

His other objectives are to advise elected governments they have no authority to rule, and to educate non-Muslims on the benefits of sharia, including punishments such as stoning adulterers and severing the hands of thieves.

“If chopping off the hands is the punishment given by the sharia court then we say glad tidings, because chopping off the hands — when you understand what is sharia — is a mercy to that person.

“Why is it a mercy getting your hands chopped off? Because it can be expiation for your sins. It is better to get punished in this life than to go underground into the grave or into the hellfire for eternity.”…