10 year-old Tunisian chess player refuses to compete with Israeli, becomes instant hero in Arab world

Tunisia is supposed to be the poster child for Obama & Hillary’s beloved ‘Arab Spring.’

Well, meet Islamic poster child Mohammdo Hamida, another sterling example of Islamic indoctrination. He’s famous now. Not for being a good chess player, but for having contempt for Jews, which, in the Arab world, is the shortest path to fame and honor. Aside from killing Jews, that is.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Gaza, Ahmed Machisan, expressed his gratitude for Mohammed’s “show of bravery” during the tournament. ‘Course, he’d have thought the kid a lot braver had he detonated himself instead and taken the Jewish kid out of the tournament with him.

Most likely the little punk’s father or coach knew the kid was going to lose, which would have been too dishonorable, so instead he figured the kid could go out in a blaze of glory, metaphorically speaking that is. What a bunch of losers.

Muhammad Hamida

Ynet – A sports boycott of Israel is not an unusual occurrence, but it appears the age of the boycotters is continuously dropping – A ten-year old Tunisian boy by the name of Muhammad Hamida, who took part in the World School Chess Championship, refused to compete against an Israeli opponent. Hamida’s actions have turned him into a media hero in Tunisia and other Arab countries.

The media has interpreted Hamida’s actions as taking an unequivocal stance regarding the normalization (of relations) with Israel and showing his support of the Palestinian cause.

Some 640 participants from across the globe competed in the eighth World School Chess Championship which was held in Romania. As part of the competition, Hamida was to compete against an Israeli rival, but he chose to withdraw from the competition instead.

A response from Arab countries and Palestinian supporters was soon to come. Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Gaza, Ahmed Machisan, expressed his gratitude for Hamida’s “show of bravery” during the tournament.

He further spoke of the Tunisian “nobility” regarding the Palestinian issue.

A wide disagreement exists among the people of Tunisia regarding the normalization of relations with Israel. The Tunisian minister of youth and sports has said that Tunisia would be willing to receive humanitarian aid from Israel. However, opposition sources called his statement “provocative and disloyal,” and some parliament members even asked him to apologize for his words.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Counter Terrorism Bureau (CTB) has recently published a travel advisory to Tunisia, in light of suspected intentions to carry out terror attacks in the country against Israeli and Jewish targets.

Islamic countries boycotting matches with Israeli athletes is not a new phenomenon. In the 2004 Athens Olympics, Iranian World Judo Champion Arash Miresmaeili, refused to compete against the Israeli judoka Ehud Vaks. Also in November 2011, an Egyptian competitor refused to shake hands with Israeli judoka Arik Ze’evi.

Obama releases high-level Taliban in exchange for ‘promise’ to give up violence


The Islamonazis think we’re weak and stupid as hell. They are right in both cases.

KABUL — The United States has for several years been secretly releasing high-level detainees from a military prison in Afghanistan as part of negotiations with insurgent groups, a bold effort to quell violence but one that U.S. officials acknowledge poses substantial risks.

As the United States has unsuccessfully pursued a peace deal with the Taliban, the “strategic release” program has quietly served as a live diplomatic channel, allowing American officials to use prisoners as bargaining chips in restive provinces where military power has reached its limits.

But the releases are an inherent gamble: The freed detainees are often notorious fighters who would not be released under the traditional legal system for military prisoners in Afghanistan. They must promise to give up violence — and U.S. officials warn them that if they are caught attacking American troops, they will be detained once again.

There are no absolute guarantees, however, and officials would not say whether those who have been released under the program have later returned to attack U.S. and Afghan forces once again.

“Everyone agrees they are guilty of what they have done and should remain in detention. Everyone agrees that these are bad guys. But the benefits outweigh the risks,” said one U.S. official who, like others, discussed the issue on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the program.

The releases have come amid broader efforts to end the decade-long war through negotiation, which is a central feature of the Obama administration’s strategy for leaving Afghanistan. Those efforts, however, have yielded little to no progress in recent years. In part, they have been stymied by the unwillingness of the United States to release five prisoners from Guantanamo Bay — a gesture that insurgent leaders have said they see as a precondition for peace talks.  (more >>>)

Egypt: 2 dead, 300 injured, 170 arrested in violent protests

Obama and Hillary’s ‘Arab Spring’ poster child continues its descent into the netherworld. Good luck with your democariah. Not.

May 5, 2012 by – Egypt’s political transition has proven to be a major challenge – with a sharp increase of violence less than three weeks before the country’s historical presidential election. Friday rally has descended into fierce clashes between the protesters and security forces in the capital Cairo – leaving at least one person dead and scores injured. RT’s correspondent in the region Paula Slier, has the details.

Egyptian frontrunner Amr Moussa: Camp David Accords “dead and buried”

Considering that only a minority of Egyptians favor peace with Israel, it’s just a matter of time before they do something really stupid.

Arutz Sheva – Amr Moussa, a frontrunner in the Egyptian presidential race, criticized the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt on Monday and said that “the Camp David accords were dead and buried long ago.”

Moussa, who spoke during a meeting with voters in the Sohag region in southern Egypt, said, “The Camp David agreements do not exist anymore. They are an historic document whose place is on the shelf. The purpose of the agreement with Israel was to establish an independent Palestinian government, whereas today we are talking about an independent Palestinian state.” His remarks were quoted by the Yisrael Hayom newspaper.

He stressed, however, that “as long as Israel respects the peace treaty with Egypt we will do so as well, even though the primary document which governs the relationship between Israel and the Arabs is the Arab initiative of 2002.” These remarks echo similar ones he has made in the past.

Moussa served as foreign minister in the government of ousted President Hosni Mubarak. He then went on to serve as the head of the Arab League, a position which he gave up last year in order to run for the Egyptian presidency.

A poll released on Monday by the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper gave Moussa 41.1 percent of the votes in the poll. Presidential contender Abdel Moneim Abul-Fotouh, former Muslim Brotherhood leader, took 27.3 percent of the votes. Fotouh is receiving the backing of Salafists and Christians.

Ahmed Shafiq, a former prime minister in the Mubarak regime, came in third place in the poll and achieved 11.9 percent of votes.

Shafiq was disqualified from running last week, after the Islamist-dominated parliament passed a law barring former senior officials from the Mubarak regime from running for office. A day later, however, the election commission accepted his appeal and reinstated his candidacy.

Egypt ‘unilaterally breaks off gas deal’

Today it’s the cancelling of a gas deal, tomorrow it will be the Sadat-Begin peace treaty.

Ever since the Obama-Clinton ‘Arab Spring,’ Egypt has taunted and threatened Israel, going as far as attacking the Israeli embassy. In response to all their belligerence, Hillary Clinton went around congress to reward Egypt with an extra $1.5 billion in aid.

Arutz Sheva – Egypt informed Israel Sunday afternoon that it is unilaterally cancelling the agreement of supply of gas to Israel. The announcement was made to EMG, the firm that receives the gas from Egypt, and reported on Channel 2 news.

The peace treaty with Egypt includes a financial appendix, in which Egypt agrees to supply Israel with oil. Several years ago the appendix was changed so that the oil was replaced by gas. The treaty commits Egypt to supply Israel with the amount of gas it requires for a specified period, in exchange for payment.

Egypt’s unilateral abrogation of the treaty causes “tremendous financial damage” to Israel, and to the Amgas and Ampal companies, according to Channel 2. However, the primary damage is diplomatic, reporter Amnon Abramovich said.

The pipeline carrying gas from Egypt to Israel was blown up 14 times since the Mubarak regime was toppled in February 2011.

Arab terrorist hurls 7 firebombs at Jewish homes on Mount of Olives

‘Course, this won’t get any attention from the media. Nor will the terrorist, if caught, receive anything worse than a mild rebuke, most likely.

Maaleh Hazeitim, w/ Temple Mt. in background

Arutz Sheva – A terrorist hurled seven firebombs at Jewish homes Sunday night in Maaleh HaZeitim, on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives.

The terrorist’s face was covered. He came carrying ten firebombs and managed to throw seven of them at ground floor apartments in the compound, causing a fire to break out in one of them. The compound’s security guards identified the terrorist and fired in the air, causing him to flee.

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said Monday that police arrived on the scene and proceeded to question the security men over their decision to fire in the air. “The Commander of the Jerusalem District deserves to be sacked for a lot less than that,” said Eldad.

Eldad wrote to the Minister of Public Security and asked him to reissue the instructions on opening fire, and to clarify that a firebomb is a deadly weapon and that whoever uses it should be fired at, with intention to hit him.

“The worst outcome of all would be if the terrorist who meant to burn Jews in their sleep will continue his actions while the security men who dared to protect the residents’ lives are sacked from their jobs,” he added.

Arab thugs assault, injure Itamar shepherds

A gang of Arab savages wielding clubs and rocks attacked two Jewish shepherds from Itamar, injuring both before IDF forces arrived. The scalp of one shepherd was torn open, while the other sustained injuries to his hands and lower body.

Ynet – Two Israelis sustained light injuries Thursday after they were attacked by Palestinians wielding clubs on Thursday, on Hill 777, near the West Bank settlement of Itamar.

One of the settlers injured in the attack is Matan Fogel, the younger brother of the late Udi Fogel, who was murdered with his wife and three children in the Itamar massacre 13 months ago.

The settlers claim that Fogel and the second victim were herding sheep when the Palestinians began throwing rocks at them. According to the settlers, the two were also beaten with clubs.

The two further claimed that the Palestinians then tried to steal their weapons.

At first the two refused to be taken to hospital but were then convinced to do so by the Magen David Adom team that was sent to the scene.

This was the second time in the last week that Israeli shepherds have come under attack in the area. It is believed the attack ensued the entry of Palestinians to a restricted area in Harish.

Fatah claims Syrian-based PFLP plan to assassinate Abbas

And then blame the Joos, no doubt.

I double dare you.

Palestinian militants from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) brandish their weapons in Nablus

Jerusalem Post – The leader of a Syrian-based radical Palestinian group is planning to assassinate Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah claimed on Saturday.

The claim followed statements made by Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, General Command, in which he strongly denounced Abbas and his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, for signing the Oslo Accords with Israel.

“Ahmed Jibril is a hired agent,” Fatah said in a statement released in Ramallah. “He is operating on instructions from his handlers in the region who seek to eliminate President Abbas.”

The statement did not name the “handlers.”

However, a Fatah official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that the statement referred to Syria and Iran.

Abbas and Arafat

According to Fatah, Jibril’s attacks on the PA leadership came after he “failed to exploit ‘Land Day’ to achieve political gains.”

Fatah accused Jibril of planning to dispatch Palestinians to the borders of Israel as part of the Global March to Jerusalem, an event that was organized last Friday by a coalition of pro-Palestinian organizations around the world.

“Ahmed Jibril is a merchant for Palestinian and Arab blood,” Fatah charged. “He is desperately trying to appease outside parties in an attempt to destroy the political achievements of our people and their wise leadership.”

Jibril belongs to a group of Syrian-based terror organizations that are strongly opposed to peace with Israel.

His close ties with the Syrian authorities have won him many enemies among the Palestinians, especially the PA leadership.

The PA recently accused Jibril’s supporters of killing 14 Palestinians in a refugee camp near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood breaks promise, fields its own presidential candidate

This comes, ‘coincidentally,’  just after Hillary Clinton went around the wishes of congress and forked over about $1.5 billion in extra funding to the Egyptian regime.

Every time the U.S. hands over more money to Egypt, they turn around and thank us with a slap in the face, such as by holding U.S. citizens hostage until we paid a hefty ransom for their release.

No longer can anyone assume that the Obama Administration is simply naive. No one can commit as many diplomatic blunders as they have. It must be, and is, on purpose.

Muslim Brotherhood's Khayrat el-Shater

Times of Israel – CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, in control of almost half the seats in parliament, announced on Saturday it was fielding its own presidential candidate. It was a reversal of an earlier decision to stay out of the race and could put the group on a collision course with the nation’s ruling generals.

The Brotherhood nominated chief strategist and deputy leader Khayrat el-Shater, a multimillionaire businessman considered one of the key leaders guiding the group through the tumultuous transition since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.

If he wins, it would make the formerly outlawed group the dominant force shaping the post-Mubarak era. But going head-to-head with the military is a major gamble for a formerly outlawed movement whose strategy for decades seemed to be to patiently bide its time.

Some commentators depict el-Shater as a relative moderate on relations with Israel. A New York Times features three weeks ago said he was “overseeing revisions of the Brotherhood’s internal teaching materials to reflect a more tolerant stance toward Israel as the group’s political arm comes to terms with the Camp David treaty.”

The movement’s decision to nominate one of its own is likely to antagonize Egypt’s military rulers, who are accused of seeking to preserve the army’s privileges and are likely not to want too much power concentrated in the hands of a single group.

It will also widen the gap with liberals and secularists, who fear that the movement — which has largely espoused moderate rhetoric in the past year — will implement a hardline Islamist agenda once it has solidified its political position.

Already, Islamists enjoy a comfortable majority on a 100-member panel tasked with drafting a new constitution for Egypt, which has raised serious alarm among the nation’s large Christian minority and liberals.

The announcement at a Cairo news conference ended weeks of speculation and confusion within the group.  (more >>>)

Arab march on Jerusalem turns quickly violent, of course

Encouraged by Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah, Islamonazi nations, radical Leftists, and a silent but grinning international community, the phony protestors for the equally phony ‘Land Day’ immediately took to attacking IDF soldiers and police.

Clashes in Kalandiya.

According to reports, Fakestinians politician Mustafa Barghouti was hit in his fat head by a tear gas canister.

Soldiers in a watchtower in Bethlehem caught Arab rioters hurling stones and firebombs at their position on video.

Ynet – Violent Friday: Dozens of Palestinians have been hurt Friday in the West Bank and Gaza Strip while marking Land Day protests with fierce riots and clashes with IDF soldiers.

At least 14 Palestinians were hurt by IDF fire in Gaza after attempting to breach the border fence and infiltrate Israel near the Erez Crossing, sources in the Strip said. One of the wounded sustained serious injuries, the Palestinians said.

The army confirmed that several Palestinians were hurt in the clashes. Meanwhile, Hamas security forces attempted to force protestors away from the border fence, using clubs to beat up the rioters.

The riots began around 12:30 pm, shortly after Friday prayers, when dozens of masked Palestinian youths began hurling stones and Molotov cocktails at security forces stationed at the Qalandia checkpoint.

The forces responded with teargas canisters and deployed the “Skunk” – a vehicle loaded with canons spraying a foul-smelling liquid. In addition, security forces activated a machine that transmits high frequency sound waves in an effort to disperse the protesters.

Palestinian sources said at least 30 people were injuried in the clashes.

According to reports, Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghouti was hit in the head by a tear gas canister. He was taken to a Ramallah hospital for treatment. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said Barghouti was hurt in a brawl that broke out among the Palestinians over who would lead the protest march.

Elsewhere, Hamas parliament member Ahmed Atoun was lightly injured from a stone that hit him in the head, but did not require medical care.

Meanwhile, A few hundred Palestinians gathered near Jerusalem’s Near Damascus Gate, some were carrying Palestinian flags. The crowd attempted to stage an illegal procession, but was blocked by police forces. Some 14 protesters were arrested.

You can get updates at IDFblog.

This post will be updated with information as it arrives. Last update on 15:40, March 30th.

  • 15:08: Palestinian rioters hurled rocks and lightly injured a Border Policeman in Kalandia.
  • 13:22 – Update: Approximately 150 violent rioters in Bethlehem, hurling rocks and firebombs at security personnel. Security personnel responding with non-lethal riot dispersal means.
  • 13:10 – Update: Approximately 200 rioters in Kalandia hurling rocks and setting tires on fire. IDF forces responding with non-lethal riot dispersal means.
Anti-Israel Russian TV has this bias report.
For a bit of balance, check out this video from the ongoing riots happening in Spain that the media is conveniently ignoring.

Today is the 10-year anniversary of the horrific Netanya Park Hotel Passover terrorist attack

Ten years ago today was the savagely evil 2002 Israel Park Hotel bombing that killed 30 and injured 140 (20 seriously).

The victims were mostly elderly, some were Holocaust survivors. The date was March 27th, and they were there celebrating the Jewish holiday of Passover. The oldest victim was 90 and the youngest was 20 years old.

The suicide bomber was identified as Abdel-Basset Odeh, a member of the Hamas. Today, Hamas is in control of all of Gaza, and continues to terrorize Israeli citizens with thousands of rockets and other cowardly attacks. The International community, including the Obama Administration, continues to give the Islamonazis a pass, and even abet them in their war against the Jewish State.

Look what was said at the time, and ask yourself if the rhetoric has changed one iota. Same old blather about “peace”, and the absurd fantasy of a “two-state” solution.

Reactions of world leaders:

US President Bush (Mar 27):
“This callous, cold blooded killing, must stop… I call upon Mr. Arafat and the Palestinian Authority to do everything in their power to stop the terrorist killing because there are people in the Middle East who would rather kill than have peace.”(Full text)

Secy of State Powell (Mar 27):
“This is the time for Chairman Arafat to speak to his people, to tell them that they are destroying their own desire and vision for a Palestinian state living side by side in peace with Israel, behind secure and recognizable borders.”(Full text)

UN Secretary-General Annan (Mar 28):
The Secretary-General condemned suicide bombings against Israeli civilians as “morally repugnant”: “Last night’s heartless and indiscriminate attack in Netanya was an especially appalling example of this phenomenon. This is terrorism, and it greatly damages the Palestinian cause.”(Full text)

Colonel Allen West reads letter from a friend of his who was a first responder

Here is my reposting of the awesome Colonel Allen West from back in February when he read a moving letter from a good friend of his who was a first responder to the ghastly scene.

After reading the letter, Allen West gives his solemn oath that he will continue to stand as a defender of Israel, and do all he can to see to it that such barbarity does not strike again.

Morocco: Elderly Jew bludgeoned to death with hammer

There are only about 6,000 Jews left in Morocco. It’s just a matter of time before the Arab ‘Spring Cleaning’ sees to it that there are none, one way or another.

Moroccans burn Israeli flag during anti-Israel protes.

Arutz Sheva – An elderly Jewish man was murdered by an unknown attacker with a hammer Monday in the city of Fez.

The 74-year-old victim, whose name has not yet been released, worked in property management for rentals owned by other Jews.

According to reports in Moroccan media, the elderly victim was seen being hit repeatedly by a man wielding a hammer.

The murderer fled the scene. Police are investigating to determine whether the attack was nationalist or criminal in nature.

Critically injured, he died as he was being rushed to King Hassan II University Hospital.

Earlier Monday, thousands of demonstrators stormed the parliament building in the capital city of Rabat. The protesters torched Israeli flags and expressed anger at the presence of Israeli envoy David Saranga, who was in the city to attend a meeting of the Euro-Mediterreanean Partnership (EUROMED), in advance of the Global March to Jerusalem set for this Friday, an event scheduled for the Arabs’ annual “Land Day” protest.


Morocco: Israeli diplomat smuggled out of jaws of seething Muslim horde

Obama and Hillary’s Springtime for Hitler continues to bear its poisoned fruit.

According to Reuters, at least 40,000 people took to the streets as part of the march organized by the Al-Adl Wal Ihsan (Justice and Spirituality) group. However, organizers said some 100,000 participated in the demonstration.

This is most certainly part of the warm-up to the so-called Global March on Jerusalem on Friday, where genocidal Muslims and Leftist plan to storm Israel’s borders again.

Get a load of this horde of Jew-hating Islamonazis.

Times of Israel – An Israeli diplomat was smuggled out of the Moroccan Parliament on Sunday, as tens of thousands of protesters marched toward the building while burning Israeli flags.

David Saranga's Twitter profile photo

David Saranga, who heads the European Parliament Liaison Department in Israel’s delegation to the EU, was in Rabat for a conference by the Euro-Med organization at the same time as a mass pro-Palestinian protest was taking place in the streets of Morocco’s capital.

As the protest moved on, thousands remained outside the parliament building apparently because they knew Saranga was present, Ynet reported Monday morning.

According to Army Radio, Saranga was escorted out of a side door and to the airport, from where he was flown back to his post in Brussels.

The protesters called for the liberation of Jerusalem while waving Palestinian Authority flags and burning those of Israel.

Arab media reported that the presence of an Israeli delegate at the conference troubled the people in Rabat, who took to the streets. One of the organizers told the press that the people no longer trusted the leadership to deal with the Palestinian issue, and they would therefore take matters into their own hands, beginning with the upcoming Global March on Jerusalem on Friday.

Officials: Iran helping Assad to put down protests

Well, duh.

Jerusalem Post – Iran is providing a broad array of assistance to Syrian President Bashar Assad to help him suppress anti-government protests, from high-tech surveillance technology to guns and ammunition, US and European security officials say.

Tehran’s technical assistance to Assad’s security forces includes electronic surveillance systems, technology designed to disrupt efforts by protesters to communicate via social media, and Iranian-made drone aircraft for overhead surveillance, the officials said. They discussed intelligence matters on condition of anonymity.

Pelosi with her friend, Bashir Assad

Iran has also provided lethal materiel that can be used for riot control, they said.

“Over the past year, Iran has provided security assistance to Damascus to help shore up Assad. Tehran during the last couple of months has been aiding the Syrian regime with lethal assistance – including rifles, ammunition, and other military equipment – to help it put down the opposition,” a US official said.

“Iran has provided Damascus (with) monitoring tools to help the regime suppress the opposition. It has also shared techniques on Internet surveillance and disruption,” the official continued.

He added that Iran had also provided Assad’s government with “unarmed drones that Damascus is using along with its own technology to monitor opposition forces.”

Iranian security officials have also traveled to Damascus to advise Assad’s entourage how to counter dissent, the official said. Some Iranian officials have stayed on in Syria to advise Assad’s forces, he added.

Iran’s multi-pronged security aid to Syria appears to have helped Assad’s government in its increasingly violent campaign to hold on to power in the face of a year-long protest movement. The United Nations estimates 8,000 civilians have died in the conflict.  (more >>>)

Obama bypasses Congress, rewards Egypt’s anti-American Muslim Brotherhood with $1.5 billion

Another day, another billion and a half dollars we don’t have to our enemies.

Imam Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to ignore congress as they merrily fuel radical Islam around the world.

Breitbart – During a trip through Colorado in December of last year, President Obama spoke of his intention to implement his economic policies with or without the approval of Congress. Said Obama, “And where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves.” It now appears that such a mindset applies not only to economic matters but to the distribution of foreign aid as well–in particular, foreign military aid for the Muslim Brotherhood, who now hold the reigns in Egypt.

Congress has restricted and, in fact, halted military aid to Egypt until and “unless the State Department certifies that Egypt is making progress on basic freedoms and human rights.” After all, Christians and other practitioners of non-Islamic religions have had a tough go of it there. And of course, many Egyptian officials harbor such hatred toward the U.S. that one of the candidates for the Egyptian presidency has openly referred to America as the “infidel country” in media interviews.

Nevertheless, the news breaking now is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon announce that President Obama will “resume funding for Egypt’s military, despite Congressional restrictions and objections from human rights and democracy advocates.”

Even Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT), a man with whom I’ve never agreed on anything, sees the foolishness of this endeavor: “I believe [sending the aid] would be a mistake. The new [restrictions were] intended to put the United States squarely on the side of the Egyptian people who seek a civilian government that respects fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, and to clearly define the terms of our future relations with the Egyptian military.”

Who knows; perhaps the Obama administration can also circumvent Congress and give the Iranians some nuclear materials or give Hamas some advanced weaponry? I know both ideas sound crazy, but they’re no crazier than giving $1.5 billion in military aid to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Gallup Poll: Egyptian Negativity Toward U.S. Surges, As U.S. Prepares to Send Egypt $1.5 Billion

(CNSNews.com)A majority of Egyptians (56%) now see closer relations with the U.S. as a bad thing for their country, up sharply from 40% in December 2011, a Gallup poll says.

Egyptians are now more likely to favor closer ties with Turkey and Iran than with the United States, the poll found.

Only 28 percent of Egyptians said closer relations with the U.S. are a good thing.

The poll, released on Friday, comes as the Obama administration announced it will waive democracy requirements so it can send up to $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt, despite concerns that the country is backsliding on its commitments to democracy and the rule of law.

According to the Associated Press, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has decided that it is in the U.S. national interest to allow $1.3 billion in military assistance to flow to Egypt. She also certified that Egypt is meeting its obligations to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, which frees up an additional $200 million in economic aid.

By Say It Ain't So Posted in Kumbaya!

Bombings and shootings kill 46 across Iraq, injure over 200

It’s only a matter of time before Iraq explodes into full-on civil war.

Times of Israel – BAGHDAD (AP) — Bombings and shootings across Iraq killed 46 people on Tuesday, striking at police and Shiite pilgrims in a torrent of violence that officials had dreaded in the run-up to a Baghdad meeting of the Arab world’s top leaders, which the government hoped would showcase the nation’s stability.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, which also wounded more than 200 people. But authorities have feared al-Qaida or its Sunni sympathizers would try to thwart next week’s annual Arab League summit.

The gathering is to be held in Iraq for the first time in a generation. Plans for Baghdad to host the meeting last year were postponed, in part because of concerns about Iraq’s security.

One of the deadliest strikes Tuesday hit the Shiite holy city of Karbala, where officials said two car bombs exploded in a crowded shopping and restaurant area. Thirteen people were killed and another 50 were wounded in that attack, said local provincial council member Hussein Shadhan al-Aboudi.

“The intention of these attacks is to destabilize the security situation in Karbala and other Iraqi cities and to shake the people’s confidence on the government,” al-Aboudi said. “It seems that the terrorists want to abort the upcoming Arab Summit in Baghdad. The message is directed to the Arab leaders that Iraq is not safe enough to be visited.”

Karbala, 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Baghdad, is a destination for thousands of Shiite pilgrims from around the world who visit the golden shrines of two revered imams each day. Five Iranian pilgrims were among the dead.

The wave of violence began after dawn Tuesday.

Militants blew up the house of a police official in the western city of Fallujah, planted bombs near the fortified Green Zone and shot up a security checkpoint in Baghdad, set off an explosion at a police station in the northern city of Kirkuk and attacked restaurants and shopping areas in two southern towns.

In all, eight cities were hit in attacks that mostly appeared to target police and government officials.  (more >>>)

Egyptian parliament unanimously declares Israel #1 enemy, calls for expulsion of Israeli ambassador and halt to gas exports

Barack and Hillary are such geniuses, aren’t they.

Yo, Egypt, you’re biggest enemy is yourselves, as you will soon discover.

PressTV (h/t Weasel Zippers) — The lower house of the Egyptian parliament has unanimously approved a text declaring that Israel is the number one enemy of Egypt and calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and a halt to gas exports to Israel.

On Monday, Egyptian MPs voted by a show of hands on the text of a report, which was compiled by the Arab Affairs Committee of the People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament).

“Revolutionary Egypt will never be a friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity, which we consider to be the number one enemy of Egypt and the Arab nation,” the report declared, adding, “It will deal with that entity as an enemy, and the Egyptian government is hereby called upon to review all its relations and accords with that enemy.”

In 1979, Egypt became the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel, but was compelled to agree to supply gas to Israel as one of the main economic conditions of the US-sponsored peace deal.

200,000 Israeli children stay home from school due to relentless terrorist rocket barrages

Name one other country in the world that is expected to put up with this.

Times of Israel – An Israeli airstrike in Gaza Sunday morning thwarted an additional  rocket attack on Israel, according to the IDF Spokesman’s Office. The attack targeted two terrorist cells attempting to fire a high-trajectory weapon towards the south, Army Radio reported.

Israel has conducted similar airstrikes on Gaza for the past two days following rocket fire from Palestinian terrorists, killing 15 of them as the deadliest Gaza violence in over a year showed no signs of abating.

Despite Egyptian efforts to mediate a cease-fire, Palestinians fired more than 120 rockets on Saturday, some striking major cities in southern Israel and seriously wounding an Israeli civilian. The military responded with more than a dozen airstrikes and the targeted killings of Palestinian terrorists from various Gaza organizations.

Israel’s lauded Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted more than 28 projectiles. Still, residents were told to stay close to home and the cities of Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon called off school for Sunday, leaving roughly 200,000 children at home.

Exchanges between Israel and the Palestinians have been routine since the 2009 war, but a flare-up of this intensity is rare. The Arab League called the Israeli attacks a “massacre.” The United Nations and the State Department condemned the violence and called on both sides to exercise restraint.

“This round in Gaza is far from being over,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in a visit to southern Israel. “We will not allow anyone to harm the citizens of the country and we will act against anyone who attempts to launch rockets. They will pay a heavy price, and no one will have immunity.”

The latest spate of violence got under way Friday afternoon, when an Israeli airstrike on a car in Gaza City killed top militant commander Zuhair al-Qaissi and two of his underlings. It was the highest-profile killing Israel has carried out in many months, interrupting a period of relative calm on the volatile southern front.

Almost immediately, Gaza terrorists unleashed a barrage of rockets toward southern Israeli border communities.

So far, terrorists have fired more than 120 rockets since al-Qaissi’s killing, a major escalation from recent months. Palestinian militants fired some 50 rockets toward Israel in the previous three months. Continue reading

White House to Abbas: We’ll get you all you want after re-election, till then stay cool

If B. Hussein Obama is re-elected, he is going to screw Israel like never before.

Bibi most certainly knows that. He understands that Obama has no intention of stopping Iran from going nuclear himself. Obama wants Netanyahu to attack Iran on Her own so that he could then blame Israel (and insinuatingly, Jews in general ) for the economy that he and his fellow Marxists have every intention of destroying anyway. The Saudis and Kuwaitis also want Iran stopped, but don’t care who does it. Obama thinks that he can get a threefer out of it – isolate Israel (while taking credit for stopping Iran), ruin the economy with sky-high gas prices, and appease the Saudis. He just needs Bibi to wait until after the election.

Yes, he and his fellow radicals are that Machiavellian.

AP/CNS (h/t Weasel Zippers)  — The Obama administration has told Palestinian leaders to expect little help with their statehood bid during the U.S. presidential campaign, the Palestinian foreign minister said Friday.

However, the Americans also held out the promise of vigorous U.S. mediation in the Mideast conflict if President Barack Obama is re-elected, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki said in an interview.

Palestinians are aware of the constraints of domestic U.S. politics and will act responsibly, Malki said, suggesting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would not take steps in the coming months that might damage his ties with Washington.

Hamas beats 3 reporters

That’s no way to treat your best friends.

Arutz Sheva – Three reporters were attacked by Hamas security forces while covering a mass wedding in Gaza City on Thursday.

Reports identified the three as local Sky News reporter Mohammad al-Mashharawi, BBC reporter Adnan al-Dorosh and Amer Abu Omar, a Gaza-based journalist.

Witnesses told the Bethleham-based Maan News Agency that the the three were severely beaten in a nearby playground.

The Palestine News Network said that al-Mashharawi was detained by Hamas and that his location is currently unknown.

Gaza’s Ministry of Interior issued a statement shortly after the incident condemning the attack.

Officials said they would “open an investigation and punish the assailants.”

Local human rights activists say Hamas has increasingly targeted journalists in Gaza for violence over the past year.

Some 90 Iraqi teenagers with “emo” looks stoned to death by Iraqi Moral Police in past month

The Islamic world is one immense, psychotic death cult.

Al Arabiya – (h/t Weasel Zippers) – Iraqi activists sounded the bell over the killing of dozens of teenagers by religious police for having “emo” haircuts.

Activists told the Cairo-based al-Akhbar daily that at least 90 Iraqi teenagers with “emo” appearances have been stoned to death by the Moral Police in the country in the past month. The violent crackdown against “emo” Iraqi teenagers came after the Iraqi interior ministry declared them as “devil worshippers.”

“The ‘Emo phenomenon’ or devil worshiping is being probed by the Moral Police who have the approval to eliminate it as soon as possible since it’s detrimentally affecting the society and becoming a danger,” according to a statement by the interior ministry.

“They wear strange, tight clothes that have pictures on them such as skulls and use stationery that are shaped as skulls. They also wear rings on their noses and tongues, and do other strange activities,” the statement added.

The statement said that Iraq’s Moral Police was granted approval by the Ministry of Education to enter Baghdad schools and pinpoint students with Western appearances.

The activists told the newspaper that a group of armed men dressed in civilian clothing led the teenagers to secluded areas a few days ago, stoned them to death, and then disposed their bodies in garbage dumpsters across the capital, Baghdad.

“First they throw concrete blocks at the boy’s arms, then at his legs, then the final blow is to his head, and if he is not dead by then, they start all over again,” one person who managed to escape told the daily.
The exact death toll remains unclear, but Hana al-Bayaty of Brussels Tribunal, an NGO dealing with Iraqi issues, said the current figure ranges “between 90 and 100.”

Activists said that leaflets were distributed in Baghdad warning teenagers from donning the “emo” style, and in some regions, teenage homosexuals were killed by battering their heads also by concrete blocks.

Gaza terrorists shell Israel’s south

Must be Friday!

Ynet – Three Qassam rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza Thursday afternoon landed in open areas within the limits of the Ashkelon Beach Regional Council. There were no reports of injury or damage.

The rocket alert system detected a fourth launch, and security forces were searching for the projectile’s landing site.

This week has seen numerous rocket attacks on Israel‘s southern region. The barrages did not result in any injuries, but the escalation prompted Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor to send a short but stern letter to Secretary Ban Ki-moon and to the members of the Security Council in which he condemned their silence on the rocket attacks emanating from the Hamas-ruled territory.

“Since I last wrote to you ten days ago, ten more rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli communities.?” wrote Prosor. “Ten days, ten rockets, and not one condemnation.”

“The Red Alert siren in Israel’s southern towns should raise red flags in the Security Council. The Council must act, and do so immediately,” he demanded.

Prosor concluded by saying, “It is time for the Council to speak with one voice and act with one purpose against the terrorists that operate with impunity in the Gaza Strip.”

The UN has long been silent on the issue of Gaza rocket fire aimed at Israel. Messages on the matter are only issued during major rounds of conflicts between the IDF and Gaza terrorist groups, if at all.

Obama, Clinton paid $5 million in ransom to Egypt for NGO workers

Bombardment of Algiers by Lord Exmouth in August 1816

How is this any different than the Barbary pirates of yesteryear, really?

America’s very first war was with the Jihadists of the early 1800s. They would hijack American ships and ransomed the sailors. America, a newly-formed country at that time, paid up until finally Thomas Jefferson said, screw you Mohammed.

The U.S. marines were created, and they sailed off to kick Jihadi butt. That is where the line “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli” comes from. Jefferson led the first Barbary war, from 1801 to 1805, against pirates’ cities in what are today Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria. Madison directed forces for the second war in 1815.

Back then, we were a young, poor, and struggling country. Today we are the world’s superpower. But, we don’t have either the pride or the courage we had back in those days. Liberalism has turned us into a bunch of hand-flapping sissies. Now that the Arab world knows we will ransom American citizens, we can count on many more being taken hostage by these backwards and worthless ratholes. They may be spittoon of ignorance, but they do know weakness when they see it.

And don’t forget, this is on top of the billions of dollars the U.S. already has thrown down the Egyptian toilet this year.

Egyptian policemen sit in front of Egyptian employees of several pro-democracy groups charged with using foreign funds to foment unrest during their trial in Cairo, Egypt.

Fox News – CAIRO –  Seven American rights workers are on a plane out of Egypt after the U.S. paid nearly $5 million in bail costs to secure their freedom.

Egyptian officials said the U.S. paid $300,000 each for 16 Americans, nine of whom were already out of the country. 

The State Department said the money was paid by the nongovernmental organizations where the democracy and rights workers work. However, the NGOs receive U.S. funding for their operations.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said workers from other international organizations were also on the plane. They were Norwegian, Serbian, Palestinian and German.

Nuland said the plane was headed to a destination in Europe but didn’t want to say where in order to protect their privacy until the workers decide how much they want to speak to the press. Reports said the plane was headed to Cyprus.

“Frankly, we don’t want the plane mobbed when they land,” Nuland said, refusing to identify who was on the plane.

“None were in custody or subject to arrest,” just subject to travel restrictions, a situation Nuland described as an “ordeal.”

Egypt lifted the travel ban on the seven late Wednesday and set the bail. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said at a news conference on Capitol Hill Thursday that the Americans were on a plane out.  (more >>>)

Video: Egyptian Cleric, founder of American Center for Islamic Research: War with the U.S. – Why not?

These people are so utterly, completely out of their fricken minds. It would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that the President of the United States and the Sec. of State think these fruitcakes should be in charge of the Middle East.

And this ignorant shmuck is given free reign to travel and lecture in America.

Karzai: Put U.S. troops on trial and punish them

Another Obama foreign policy victory.

Dumb and Dumber. (Dumber on right.)

(CNSNews.com) – Three days after President Barack Obama dispatched his ambassador to Afghanistan to hand deliver a personal letter from the president of the United States to Afghan President Hamid Karzai apologizing because U.S. forces at Bagram Air Force Base had mistakenly burnt some Korans, Karzai has responded to the gesture in a statement broadcast live on Afghan television.

Karzai, according to a BBC translation of his remarks made Sunday, told the Afghan people he was speaking to them after discussing the matter with “jihadi leaders,” “prominent scholars,” and Afghan elected officials, and that he spoke for the “pure sentiments” of the “Afghan nation” and the “Islamic world,” when he said: “We call on the US government to bring the perpetrators of the act to justice and put them on trial and punish them.”