United States ambassador apologizes to Spain’s Muslim immigrants, promotes Islam

And the groveling continues.

“American diplomats are repeatedly apologizing to Muslims in Europe for a multitude of real or imagined slights against Islam, and the U.S. State Department is now spending millions of dollars each year actively promoting Islam — including Islamic Sharia law — on the continent.”

The real story is in the second half of the piece which details all of the things the Obama Administration is doing to organize and empower Islamists in Europe, much to the dismay of Europeans.

After 8 years destroying America, B. Hussein Obama hopes to head the Islamic Caliphate, it seems.


Stonegate Institute (h/t Weasel Zippers) — The United States ambassador to Spain recently met with a group of Muslim immigrants in one of the most Islamized neighborhoods of Barcelona to apologize for American foreign policymaking in the Middle East.

U.S. Ambassador Alan Solomont told Muslims assembled at the town hall-like meeting in the heart of Barcelona’s old city that the United States is not an “enemy of Islam” and that U.S. President Barack Obama wants to improve America’s image in the Middle East as quickly as possible by closing the “dark chapters” of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.

“There are things that the United States has done badly,” Solomont said at the February 28 gathering organized by a non-profit organization called the Cultural, Educational and Social Association of Pakistani Women. “But now the Obama government wants to improve relations with Muslims,” he promised.

During the one-and-a-half-hour question-and-answer session, Solomont asked those in attendance simple rhetorical questions, including: “Did you know that the United States sends a lot of money to Pakistan?” and “Did you know that the decision to destroy Osama bin Laden’s house was made by the United States?”

After responding to queries about the “Talibanization of Pakistan due the war in Afghanistan” and the “demonization of Islam in the West,” Solomont said Obama wants to end the long-time American practice of establishing alliances with dictators in the Middle East, a strategy which he said has failed to prevent the rise of “the bearded ones” [radical Islamists], this according to the Barcelona-based newspaper La Vanguardia, which also interviewed Solomont on the sidelines of the event.

The Barcelona meeting, which was held in a Muslim ghetto called Raval (a.k.a. Ravalistan because Muslim immigrants now make up 45% of the barrio’s total population), is an example of the Obama administration’s so-called Muslim Outreach.

The U.S. State Department — working through American embassies and consulates in Europe — has been stepping-up its efforts to establish direct contacts with largely unassimilated Muslim immigrant communities in towns and cities across Europe.

Proponents of Obama’s approach to public diplomacy — some elements of which originated with his immediate predecessor — say it is part of a “counter-radicalization” strategy which aims to prevent radical Muslims with European passports from carrying out terrorist attacks against the United States.

A key component of the strategy is to “empower” Muslims who can help build a “counter-narrative” to that of terrorists. In practice, however, Obama ideologues are crisscrossing Europe on U.S. taxpayer funded trips to “export” failed American approaches to multiculturalism, affirmative action, cultural diversity and special rights for minorities.

Further, American diplomats are repeatedly apologizing to Muslims in Europe for a multitude of real or imagined slights against Islam, and the U.S. State Department is now spending millions of dollars each year actively promoting Islam — including Islamic Sharia law — on the continent. Continue reading

Study: 1 in 4 non-German Muslims rejects integration, questions western values and accepts violence

They deserve it.

The Local (via Religionofpeace):

Nearly every fourth non-German Muslim rejects integration, questions western values and tends to accept violence, according to a study commissioned by the German Interior Ministry and released late Thursday morning.

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said the study’s results were worrying, according to in an interview published on Thursday.

“Germany respects the background and cultural identity of its immigrants. But we don’t accept the importation of authoritarian, anti-democratic and religiously fanatical points of view,” Friedrich told the Bild newspaper.

Whoever fights against freedom and democracy will not have a future here, said the minister – a member of the ruling Christian Democratic Union’s sister party, the Christian Social Union.

The survey showed that of Muslims living in Germany who were not German citizens, 52 percent favored integration, while 48 percent “strongly leaned toward separation” and clearly rejected German majority culture.

But when taking into account both Muslims who were German citizens and those who were not, the figure rose to 78 percent in favor of integration, versus 22 percent who favoured a more separatist approach.

The interior ministry’s study, “The Daily Life of Young Muslims in Germany” surveyed Muslims between 14 and 32 who had not become German citizens. It also interviewed several generations of Muslims living in Germany and evaluated television programmes.

There are currently around four million Muslims living in Germany, of which nearly half are German citizens.

The survey also showed that among the 14 to 32-year-olds there exists a “subgroup” of religious extremists who hold anti-western views and are reportedly prepared to use violence.

This group amounts to about 15 percent of Muslims with German citizenship and about 24 percent for Muslims who are not German.  (more >>>)

Two-thirds of London babies born to foreign parents

It’s not called Londonistan for nothin’. Good luck with that, Brits.

UK Telegraph – In some inner-city areas more than three-quarters of infants are now being born into immigrant families.

However British-born parents are still in the majority in a handful of suburban boroughs.

Campaigners say the figures, disclosed by the Office for National Statistics in a parliamentary written answer, make an integrated society more difficult to achieve.

They want ministers to honour their pledge to reduce net migration “from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands” by the next election.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “These extraordinary figures illustrate the huge and rapid change that is taking place in our capital city.

“They illustrate the way in which London is being changed beyond recognition and on a scale and at a speed that makes successful integration so much more difficult.

“It is a stark reminder to the government to stick to their promise to get net migration down to the tens of thousands by the end of this Parliament.”

Overall about a quarter of births in England and Wales were to mothers born overseas.

But in London, for centuries home to new arrivals in the country, the proportion is far higher.

The new figures, released following a question tabled by the Tory MP Nicholas Soames, show that in 2010 there were 86,111 births where one or both parents were foreign-born – 64.7 per cent of the total.

The highest proportion (84.1) was in the east London borough of Newham, a traditionally poor area that will be the site of much of the Olympic Games.

More than three-quarters of babies also had foreign-born parents in Westminster (81.2 per cent of the total) and Brent (81.9).

The lowest proportions of births to foreign families were recorded in Havering (24.4 per cent) which borders Essex in the north east of London, and the more affluent south-eastern borough of Bromley (33.3 per cent).

Norway’s largest paper says it is afraid the country will lose all its Jews

But Norway’s government would be perfectly fine with that.

Jerusalem Post – Norway’s largest newspaper is afraid the country is losing its Jews.

“Norway is in danger of becoming a country without a Jewish population,” the daily Aftenposten wrote in an editorial over the weekend calling on the state to provide more protection for the Jews in the country who are affiliated with the two synagogues there – one in Oslo, and the other in Trondheim.

According to the paper, half of the membership fees from the Oslo synagogue go to security. That synagogue was the target of a shooting attack in 2006.

“Twice the congregation has applied to the Ministry of Justice for support to safeguard the congregation’s buildings. Twice they have been met with a refusal,” Aftenposten wrote. “Minister of Justice Grethe Faremo now confirms the ministry has an intention to reassess the synagogue’s security. This should be natural after the prime minister’s Holocaust speech about nobody being forced to feel unsafe about their religion in Norway.”

Two weeks ago Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stolenberg said during a speech on International Holocaust Remembrance Day that “without relieving the Nazis of their responsibility, it is time for us to acknowledge that Norwegian policemen and other Norwegians took part in the arrest and deportation of Jews. Today I feel it is fitting for me to express our deepest apologies that this could happen on Norwegian soil.” Continue reading

Honor-related violence in UK doubles in just 3 years

Londonistan rising.

ANI (h/t Weasel Zippers) – The number of women from Britain’s ethnic communities stepping forward to report honour- related violence has more than doubled in three years, new figures have revealed.

Figures from the Metropolitan Police show that in the 12 months to April 2011 there were 443 incidents reported as cases of honour violence or forced marriage in London alone, more than double that in 2007-08.

A separate recent survey of all police forces, using Freedom of Information Act, revealed that there were nearly 3,600 reported cases nationwide in 2010, The Telegraph reports.

Campaigners warn that recorded cases may be just the “tip of the iceberg” with thousands of incidents going unreported each year because of fear of reprisal, family pressure or inconsistent police recording.

“The figures are woefully underestimated, we are dealing with the tip of the iceberg, we don’t know how many thousands are at risk because it is a hidden crime and there is no statutory duty to record it,” said Jasvinder Sanghera, the founder of the victim support group Karma Nirvana.

“This is an issue for British born subjects, we have really got to acknowledge that and move away from being ‘culturally sensitive’ and fear of being called racist, it’s an issue of child protection,” the paper quoted her, as saying.

UK has more Muslims training in Somalia terror camps than anywhere else in the world

Londonistan has such a supply of Islamonazis that it is now exporting terrorists.

AP (h/t Weasel Zippers) — Britain’s international development minister says there are now more people from the UK training for terrorism in camps in Somalia than anywhere else in the world.

Andrew Mitchell said Thursday that Somalia poses a major threat, which may now be greater than the risks once posed by camps in Pakistan’s border regions.

Mitchell said “there are probably more British passport-holders engaged in terrorist training in Somalia than in any other country in the world.”

It follows warnings from the heads of Britain’s spy agencies about Britons training alongside Al-Shabab militants in Somalia.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson ambushed, beaten by Muslim gang

England’s Tommy Robinson who heads the EDL was attacked by a gang of Muslims, beaten and hospitalized.

UPDATE: Video – Tommy Robinson talks with Michael Coren about the attack below.

Gates of Vienna – He was out driving, when he saw a car similar to his wife’s, driven by a blond white girl. The other car flashed its lights so Tommy pulled over.

A group of Pakistani youths wearing knuckle dusters poured out. Tommy was knocked out pretty quickly, and they gave him a good kicking.

He looks pretty beaten up, but no bones were broken, and no eyes or teeth are missing. He had a brain scan this morning. We don’t know the results yet.

He has spoken to The Sun, who asked whether he had called the police. Tommy said there was no point, as a racial attack on a white guy was of no interest to them.

Just a few days earlier he was interviewed by Michael Coren on Sun TV describing the ongoing brutality by Muslims in England, and the feckless, near nonexistent response to it by the government.

UPDATE: Michael Coren has Mr. Rominson back on the show to discuss what happened.

UK: Christian worker sues Heathrow Airport over “race hate” by fundmentalist Muslims

Londonistan: A Christian worker is suing Heathrow Airport after she lost her job when she blew the whistle on what she says was a campaign of “race hate” by fundmentalist Muslims. Good for her for fighting back, but England has already lost this war.

UK Telegraph – Nohad Halawi, who worked at Heathrow Airport, is suing her former employers for unfair dismissal, claiming that she and other Christian staff at the airport were victims of systematic harassment because of their religion.

She claims that she was told that she would go to Hell for her religion, that Jews were responsible for the September 11th terror attacks, and that a friend was reduced to tears having been bullied for wearing a cross.

Mrs Halawi, who came to Britain from Lebanon in 1977, worked in the duty-free section as a perfume saleswoman of the airport for 13 years but was dismissed in July.

Her case is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, who say it raises important legal issues and also questions over whether Muslims and Christians are treated differently by employers.

It comes amid growing concern among some Christians that their faith is being marginalised and follows calls from Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, for Christians to be given greater legal protection in the wake of a series of cases where they have been disciplined or dismissed for practising their faith.

It also raises further questions over race relations at Heathrow Airport.

Last week, Arieh Zucker, a Jewish businessman, complained that he has been repeatedly singled out for full-body scans by Muslim security staff at the airport.

The 41-year-old mortgage broker from London has accused them of “race hate” and is threatening to sue for racial discrimination after being made to “feel like a criminal” while being scanned. (more >>>)

Five Muslim Moroccan girls in Belgium beat up 13-year-old Jewish classmate

Another anti-Semitic attack out of Europe. The Belgian Jewish community is “shocked”. Really? You’re the only ones who are.

Arutz Sheva – Five Muslim Moroccan girls in Belgium beat a 13-year-old classmate, called her a “dirty Jew” and told her to “return your country.”

The girl, Oceane Sluijzer, has filed a complaint with police after the anti-Semitic attack at a sports training center. The attackers were identified and questioned by police.

Jewish legislator Viviane Teitelbaum of Brussels denounced the “silence” of political leaders and most of media after this attack.

Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations of Belgium (CCOJB), the umbrella group of Jewish organizations in Belgium, expressed “shock” at the attack and asked that the investigation be conducted without delay. The Jewish group added it is considering filing a civil suit and said the Jewish community is “exasperated” by repeated attacks on Jews, 40,000 of whom live in Belgium.

Continue reading

80,000 Muslims take over Moscow streets in prayer

This is a growing phenomenon around the world. It happens in America, too, but not yet on this scale. It is only a matter of time.

AP (h/t Weasel Zippers) —Tens of thousands of Muslim men knelt shoulder-to-shoulder in prayer on the freezing streets of Moscow on Sunday to celebrate the religious holiday of Eid al-Adha.

Estimates of the number of Muslims living or working in the Russian capital run from 2 million to as high as 5 million, but the city has few mosques.

Police said 170,000 people celebrated the holiday in Moscow, including 80,000 who gathered on the street outside what was once the main mosque. The 100-year-old pastel green Cathedral Mosque was torn down in September and a new mosque being built next to it is still under construction.

Many of those who braved temperatures of minus 8 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) to pray on Sunday morning were migrant workers from countries in Central Asia that were once part of the Soviet Union.

Sarkozy to Cameron: “We’re sick of you telling us what to do”

Trouble in paradise.

David Cameron clashed repeatedly with Nicolas Sarkozy today after the French President tried to exclude Britain and non-eurozone countries from a critical Brussels summit to rescue European banks.

UK Telegraph – During two hours of bitter exchanges during a meeting of all 27 EU leaders before a crisis summit of the eurozone’s 17 members on Wednesday, President Sarkozy fought hard to get the Prime Minister barred from talks that would finalise a 100billion euros cash injection into banks.

”We’re sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do. You say you hate the euro, you didn’t want to join and now you want to interfere in our meetings,” the French leader told Mr Cameron, according to diplomats.

Mr Cameron supports steps that the eurozone is taking to boost its banks and bailouts funds as part of wider moves towards closer fiscal union in order to avert a European debt crisis that has threatened to plunge the global economy into a slump.

But he fears that regular meetings of the euro’s 17 governments will lead to the creation of a Franco-Greman dominated “caucus” or a bloc that could hijack the EU’s single market for its own ends, damaging the British economy by imposing regulations that benefit Paris or Frankfurt over the City of London.

”There is danger that as the eurozone comes together that those countries outside might see the eurozone start to take decisions on some of the things that are vital to them in the single market, for instance financial services,” he said.

Police in England ban bible verses in Christian cafe, deem Bible “Islamophobic”

England is so doomed that doomed is no longer sufficient. Let’s see them try such this in a Muslim cafe, if there is such a thing. Apparently, one customer said the sight of the Bible verses was “Islamophobic”. Question: How could a book written centuries before the really bad idea of Islam ever existed be Islamophobic?

Where does the idiocy end? Political correctness has completely rotted out the pillars that hold up Western culture and society. All that will be left standing in Europe (and soon America and Canada) will be minarets.

Christian Institute (via Moonbattery) – Police in Lancashire have told the owner of a Christian café to stop displaying Bible texts on a video screen, because it breaches public order laws.

Officers attended the Salt & Light Coffee House on Layton Road, Blackpool, on Monday 19 September, following a complaint about “insulting” and “homophobic” material.

The café’s owner, Mr Jamie Murray, says the officers did not specify which Bible texts had caused the offence.

(keep reading >>)

Euro poll: Majority of Europeans favor establishment of yet another terrorist state

A new poll gleefully reported on by the far-Left UK Guardian rag boasts that Eurabia is gung ho for the establishment of yet another official Arab terrorist state in the Middle East.

The poll was conducted by YouGov on behalf of Avaaz, a radical Leftist organization that was co-founded by Res Publica, an American “community of public sector professionals dedicated to promoting good governance, civic virtue and deliberative democracy”, and the Leftists at MoveOn.org, i.e., George Soros.

The organization is also supported by the communist thugs at SEIU, a founding partner, and GetUp!, an Australian non-profit campaigning organization. Avaaz’s individual co-founders include Virginia congressman Tom Perriello, Australian progressive entrepreneur David Madden, Jeremy Heimans (co-founders of Purpose.com), Andrea Woodhouse, Tom Pravda, and MoveOn Executive Director Eli Pariser. (Wikipedia)

I don’t doubt that the majority of Europeans favor the establishment of a Fakestinian State. They are who they are, self-loathing has-beens who have one foot already out the door of history. There is a growing minority of Europeans who recognize their dire situation, but it seems too little too late.

The unholy alliance between radical Islam and the Left continues. The choice between right and wrong, good and evil is so crystal clear when it comes to Israel, that only willful ignorance and/or blind hatred could fuel the Left’s enthusiasm for the destruction of the Jewish State. Well screw you. You’re going to fail, you losers, and in doing so, drag your entire continent down with you.

Jerusalem Post – The majority of Europeans in the UK, France and Germany believe that their government should vote in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state at the UN later this month, British newspaper the Guardian reported Monday according to an opinion poll.

The poll, conducted by YouGov on behalf of Avaaz, an organization that has been petitioning in support of the Palestinian statehood bid, showed that 59 percent in the UK favored statehood recognition in the UN, while in France and Germany the figures were higher at 69% and 71%, respectively.

Europeans in the three nations also overwhelmingly support the right of the Palestinians to their own independent state: 71% in the UK, 82% in France and 86% in Germany, the Guardian reported.

Despite widespread support on the European street, none of the three countries have officially announced their intentions for the Palestinian UN bid on September 20, and policy differences with regards to the Palestinian state surfaced among EU nations when a number of European foreign ministers met in Poland earlier this month.

“So far the positions in the EU are very divergent,” Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger said in Poland.

The Palestinian statehood bid has little chance of success because of opposition from the United States which has said it would veto it at the Security Council.

A veto would prevent a vote from being held at the General Assembly but the Palestinians may seek an upgrade of their status instead which would bring the issue up for discussion at the forum.

As well as aggravating tensions in the Middle East, for the EU, a vote at the UN could be deeply embarrassing, if members of the 27-state bloc split into opposing camps, with some backing Palestinian efforts and others opposing them.

According to the Guardian, European foreign ministers will meet Monday in Brussels in order to find common ground on the Palestinian issue.

Ex-Muslim convert to Christianity attacked with boiling water and acid by Muslims at an ‘asylum reception centre’ in Norway

This poor guy’s ‘crime’ was having decided Islam was not for him. The viscious attack on him was carried out by Muslim ‘asylum seekers’. Good luck with all that, Norway. Islam is going to turn your entire country into an asylum, eventually. An insane asylum.


(via Undhimmi) A an ex-Muslim Convert to Christianity was attacked with boiling water and acid by Muslims at an ‘asylum reception centre’ in Norway on Friday.

“Ali” (Not his real name), an Asylum seeker in an immigration centre in Jaeren, Norway, had boiling water poured over him after he converted to Christianity and would not comply with Ramadan fasting rules. He and the other converts at the centre now fear for their lives

If you do not return to Islam, we will kill you” was the message from the other asylum seekers at the Asylum Reception in Hå, in the Jaeren region of Norway. He refuses to disclose his real name for fear of further reprisals from them. This is also why he is pictured face down in the image above.

If Afghan authorities found out about the incident and he were to be subsequently deported he risks being sentenced to death by stoning, he claims.

He survived the incident, but has been left with a severely disfigured back, covered with flaking skin under bandages. The Christian roommate of his, Reza, dries the oozing wounds and put the blanket support under his head. Ali, his face distorted in pain, nevertheless maintains a calm voice as he tells his story:

“Two of the Muslim residents asked why I had not fasted during Ramadan. When I would not answer, they began to discuss the matter. One of them said that he knew I was Muslim and converted to Christianity, and that they had to engage in Jihad”.

One resident held Ali while another struck him in the back of the head with a pot of boiling water; and Ali collapsed to the floor. Several other Muslim residents joined the commotion. A third man walked into Ali’s room and began to trash it.

The police arrived, but only an hour later – the damage already done.

“I was still on the floor when police arrived. I told them a little, but was in too much pain to talk, so I was taken to hospital.

After a night in the hospital, went Ali back to the reception – knowing that danger had not passed. When he checked the door handle to his room turned out to be covered with a acidic substance that causes burns on contact.

He summoned the staff who had washed away the chemical, but the Christian Afghan feel still does not feel safe. – They’re really killing me, and they will not rest until they have done it.


British Islamists campaign for Sharia Law Zones in UK

England isn’t called Londonistan for nothin’.

Daily Mail (h/t Weasel Zippers) — Islamic extremists have launched a poster campaign across the UK proclaiming areas where Sharia law enforcement zones have been set up.

Communities have been bombarded with the posters, which read: ‘You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.’

The bright yellow messages daubed on bus stops and street lamps have already been seen across certain boroughs in London and order that in the ‘zone’ there should be ‘no gambling’, ‘no music or concerts’, ‘no porn or prostitution’, ‘no drugs or smoking’ and ‘no alcohol’.

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has claimed responsibility for the scheme, saying he plans to flood specific Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the UK and ‘put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term’.

In the past week, dozens of streets in the London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham have been targeted, raising fears that local residents may be intimidated or threatened for flouting ‘Islamic rules’.

Update to this story.

Melanie Phillips on Islam in Britain and the country’s descent into political and cultural insanity

The smartest, bravest woman in all of Europe speaks out again on the threat of Islam in England and the country’s spiralling descent into cultural and political irrationality. A must see, as the U.S. is just a few years behind England.

video via Israelmatzav

Jews fleeing Jew-hating Malmo, Sweden

Malmö Synagogue - Future mosque?

Sweden’s Muslim population is around 450,000. 40,000 Muslims live in Malmo.

There are only about 18,000 Jews in all of Sweden. Some 3000 live in the south, and about 700 in Malmo. But that is far, far too many for Sweden, especially for Malmo.

The anti-Semitism in Malmo has been in the news for a while now, but the hatred is becoming too much for the Jews living there, and they are leaving.

The Malmo mayor, a big Lefty Jew-hater himself, claims the hatred isn’t anti-Semitism, it’s just an expression of their dislike of Israeli policies towards terrorists like Hamas, whom he and other Leftist Swedes adore.

I’ll let Pat Condell explain why Sweden is doomed.


UK Telegraph – When she first arrived in Sweden after her rescue from a Nazi concentration camp, Judith Popinski was treated with great kindness.

She raised a family in the city of Malmo, and for the next six decades lived happily in her adopted homeland – until last year.

In 2009, a chapel serving the city’s 700-strong Jewish community was set ablaze. Jewish cemeteries were repeatedly desecrated, worshippers were abused on their way home from prayer, and “Hitler” was mockingly chanted in the streets by masked men.

“I never thought I would see this hatred again in my lifetime, not in Sweden anyway,” Mrs Popinski told The Sunday Telegraph.

“This new hatred comes from Muslim immigrants. The Jewish people are afraid now.”

Malmo’s Jews, however, do not just point the finger at bigoted Muslims and their fellow racists in the country’s Neo-Nazi fringe. They also accuse Ilmar Reepalu, the Left-wing mayor who has been in power for 15 years, of failing to protect them.

Mr Reepalu, who is blamed for lax policing, is at the centre of a growing controversy for saying that what the Jews perceive as naked anti-Semitism is in fact just a sad, but understandable consequence of Israeli policy in the Middle East.

While his views are far from unusual on the European liberal-left, which is often accused of a pro-Palestinian bias, his Jewish critics say they encourage young Muslim hotheads to abuse and harass them.

The future looks so bleak that by one estimate, around 30 Jewish families have already left for Stockholm, England or Israel, and more are preparing to go. (read the whole Swedish anti-Semitic meatball >>)

British soldiers forbidden to shoot Taliban planting roadside bombs

The West is doomed – Part #99,848.

Two stories out of Britain. First, the Ministry of Defence has admitted that British soldiers who spot Taliban fighters planting roadside bombs are told not to shoot them because they do not pose an immediate threat.

Second, because the British justice system is so weak towards homegrown Jihadists, the country has become a “hub for the development of terrorists”.

(links via Religionofpeace.com)

UK Telegraph – They are instead being ordered to just observe insurgents and record their position to reduce the risk of civilian casualties.

The controversial policy emerged at an inquest into the death of Sgt Peter Rayner, 34, a soldier from the 2nd Batallion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment who was killed in October last year by an improvised explosive device as he led a patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

[…] Under the Geneva Convention and the nationally administered Rules of Engagement the 9,500 British troops in Afghanistan are told they can only attack if there is an immediate threat to life.

A key part of the MoD’s counter-insurgency theory holds that it is more important to win over civilians by not killing innocent people than it is to eliminate every potential insurgent.

One officer who has recently served in Afghanistan said that if a soldier wanted to ascertain if an insurgent was an immediate threat, he would have to approach him and expose himself to greater risk.

He said: “A British soldier manning a checkpoint at night might watch a man digging a hole for an IED 100 metres away and would not try to shoot at him. It’s a ludicrous situation.

[…] A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: “Troops in Afghanistan are required to exercise restraint when dealing with this threat as the use of deadly force is not always appropriate when there is a risk of collateral damage.

“The aim of this policy is to avoid innocent civilians who may be in the vicinity.”

UK Express – A third go free after no more than 16 months. And Britain is now a “hub for the development of terrorists”, the survey found.

Seven out of 10 Islamic fanatics are “home-grown” British nationals, according to the Henry Jackson Society.

The think-tank analysed 138 Islamic terror convictions from 1999 to 2010.

It found 54 per cent of the terrorists were given sentences of between one and nine years – and that those defendants spent a maximum of three and a half years in jail.

Incredibly, eight of them avoided prison altogether. The report gave examples of soft justice including the case of Mohammed Kabashi who was sentenced to nine years for helping the failed 21/7 London bombers but walked out of jail after just two years and three months. (more >>>)

Germany’s top security official: The number of radical Islamists continue to rise


The number of people in Germany linked to radical Islamic groups rose to 37,470 in Germany in 2010, up from 36,270 the year before, according to the report from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.


I suppose it’s only natural that the land that gave the world the Nazis would become an incubator for the Islamonazis.

AP (h/t Weasel Zippers)  — Germany’s top security official said Friday that the terrorist threat to the country hasn’t decreased and the number of radicals continues to grow, even with the death of Osama bin Laden.

German jihadist and convert, Eric Breininger

Security officials saw no reason to lower Germany’s threat level following the death of the al-Qaida leader, said Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, presenting the annual report by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency.

“The Islamist terrorist threat is widely varied and has not concentrated on a single leader of al-Qaida for a long time,” he said.

“We have had a general threat situation in Germany and Europe that has not changed for two years, but there are no concrete dangers.”

Though there have been several unsuccessful or foiled attacks by Islamic radicals in Germany, the first fatalities attributed to a Muslim extremist came this year in March when a 21-year-old Kosovo-born ethnic Albanian allegedly gunned down two U.S. airmen outside Frankfurt’s airport.

Overall, the number of people in Germany linked to radical Islamic groups rose to 37,470 in Germany in 2010, up from 36,270 the year before, according to the report from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Most of those — 31,370 — were connected to Turkish groups, nearly all of them in Milli Gorus, a group whose founder advocates creating an Islamic state in Turkey.

British government says Christians not Muslims greatest threat to England

In a stunning set of accusations by England’s ‘equality watchdog’ that charges England’s Christians – what’s left of them – as being more intolerant and militant than the Muslims calling for the end of the country, England seems to be ready to throw in the towel on history and go gently into that dark night of Islamic supremacy.

Political correctness and secular militancy combined with self-loathing and civilization exhaustion is soon to ensure that England’s days are numbered.

Telegraph (h/t Weasel Zippers) — Muslims are integrating into British society better than many Christians, according to the head of the Government’s equality watchdog.

Trevor Phillips warned that “an old time religion incompatible with modern society” is driving the revival in the Anglican and Catholic Churches and clashing with mainstream views, especially on homosexuality.

He accused Christians, particularly evangelicals, of being more militant than Muslims in complaining about discrimination, arguing that many of the claims are motivated by a desire for greater political influence. . . .

Mr Phillips spoke after a series of high-profile cases which have featured Christians claiming they have been discriminated against because of their beliefs, with a doctor currently fighting a reprimand from the General Medical Council for sharing his faith with a patient.

While the equalities boss promised to fight for the rights of Christians, he expressed concern that many cases were driven by fundamentalist Christians who are holding increasing sway over the mainstream churches because of the influence of African and Caribbean immigrants with “intolerant” views.

In contrast, Muslims are less vociferous because they are trying to integrate into British “liberal democracy”, he said.

“I think there’s an awful lot of noise about the Church being persecuted but there is a more real issue that the conventional churches face that the people who are really driving their revival and success believe in an old time religion which in my view is incompatible with a modern, multi-ethnic, multicultural society,” Phillips said.

Trevor Phillips, Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and dhimmi

“Muslim communities in this country are doing their damnedest to try to come to terms with their neighbours to try to integrate and they’re doing their best to try to develop an idea of Islam that is compatible with living in a modern liberal democracy.

“The most likely victim of actual religious discrimination in British society is a Muslim but the person who is most likely to feel slighted because of their religion is an evangelical Christian.”

Spain: Tens of thousands of “indignants” take to streets in protest

Austerity measures, 21% unemployment, and anger at banks and politicians have brought tens of thousnds irate Spaniards back into the streets for anothor round of protests in Spain this weekend. The movement calls itself the “indignants”.

These protests, like those in Greece will continue to spread in Europe, and it’s just a matter of time before they cross he great pond to the U.S..

(AFP) – Tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Madrid Sunday blaming bankers and politicians for causing a financial crisis that forced the country to adopt painful spending cuts.

Demonstrators of all ages linked to a protest movement called the “indignants” assembled early Sunday in several neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Madrid.

They then formed six columns and converged on the city centre, gathering near Spain’s parliament where they met various forms of police resistance, including 12 vans blocking several major roads.

Protests over the economic crisis and soaring unemployment began in Madrid on May 15 and fanned out nationwide as word spread by Twitter and Facebook among demonstrators.

On Sunday, protesters insisted that workers and the unemployed would not passively accept spending cuts to help ease a crisis they had no role in causing.

“The banks and the governments that caused this situation must know that we do not agree with the measures and the budget cuts, that we intend to be heard,” the “indignants” movement said in its call for nationwide protests.

[…] “We are not property in the hands of politicians and bankers,” read a banner written in bold red letters.

Yolanda Garcia, a 36-year-old woman who said she works a series of low-paying jobs and struggles to pay her bills, insisted that politicians “do nothing” to help people like her.

“I think that the (protest) movement could change things if it continues,” she said,” adding that the demonstrators have the support of Spain’s most disadvantaged.

Similar demonstrators were also expected in Barcelona and Valencia by the end of the day.

Protests in city squares across Spain against welfare cuts, corruption and a jobless rate of 21 percent in the first quarter of 2011 — the highest in the industrialised world — have run across the country for weeks.

The demonstrations peaked ahead of May 22 local election, when tens of thousands of people packed into squares in several towns and cities.

[…] The “indignants” have inspired similar offshoot movements in other European cities, notably Greece, where the government is also trying to implement a strict austerity programme to avoid defaulting on its loans.

The Spanish central bank said last weak the recovery in Spain’s beleaguered economy would likely remain slow, with unemployment expected to remain high for the foreseable future.

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