Pakistani-American Muslim of Santa Monica hotel: “Get the [expletive] Jews out of my pool!”

If such a story were the other way around, or involved any other minority, every state-run news agency in America would be squawking in indignation. But as it involves Muslims being Muslims, America isn’t likely to hear much of anything about it.

The event happened 2 years ago, but is only now going to trial.

Update: 8/17/12

Hotel Shangri-La and its Muslim proprietor ordered to pay $1.2 million in damages.

Times of Israel – The Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California, and its proprietor Tehmina Adaya, discriminated against Jewish guests at a charitable event in 2010, a Santa Monica jury ruled on Wednesday, awarding the plaintiffs $1.2 million in damages.

The Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California.

( – An upscale hotel on a Santa Monica, California, beach is an odd place to be singled out from a crowd and removed because you are Jewish, but that’s what happened to 18 young professionals who are telling their story to a jury in a discrimination trial taking place in Santa Monica Superior Court this week.

Ari Ryan is the grandson of a Ukranian Jew who lost most of his family in the Holocaust and narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Nazis.  Ryan’s grandfather moved to Israel in 1942 and served as a captain in the Israel Defense Forces.

Seventy years later Ryan says he got a small taste of what his grandfather lived through, but rather than in the forests of the Ukraine, it took place at an upscale hotel in Santa Monica.  Ryan and more than a dozen others have brought a lawsuit alleging anti-Semitic discrimination against them by a multi-millionaire Muslim American hotel owner.

Two years ago Ryan and other twenty-and thirty-something Jews planned to raise money to send children of fallen IDF soldiers to camp with a charity event at the Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California.

On the morning of July 11, 2010, Ryan and others arrived at the hotel and began setting up Friends of the IDF banners, literature and piles of shirts for the event guests.

But the event was aborted after, according to one employee’s sworn testimony, the hotel’s owner told staff members, “Get the [expletive deleted] Jews out of my pool.”  Then the hotel security and other employees began removing the materials and ordering the guests to leave.

Ryan said,  “Anyone wearing a blue wristband,” which identified them as being with the Friends of the IDF, “was asked to get out of the swimming pool and the hot tub.”  In fact, no one who was identifiable as Jewish was so much as “allowed to dip their feet in the water.”

Tehmina (Tamie) Adaya, a Pakistani-American Muslim, is the owner of the Shangri-La.  Her father, Ahmad Adaya, was a founding partner of the California real estate company IDS Real Estate Group.  He also was a founder and benefactor of the New Horizon School for Muslim religious education in Southern California.

The father bought the Shangri-La Hotel in the 1980‘s and the daughter took it over in 2004, investing $30 million to renovate the property into a design award-winning opulent destination. In addition to the hotel, Adaya runs an upscale artist collective called the Crown Jewels which she blogs about at her site “Culture Shock to Culture Architect.

In the cross-complaint she initially filed, Adaya claimed Ryan and his friends were trespassing on the Shangri-La property and became unruly.

“Not so,” said James Turken, managing partner of the California office of the DC-based law firm Dickstein, Shapiro, attorney for the plaintiffs.  He explained that Adaya withdrew her complaint after he interviewed her, under oath, and she was unable to substantiate any of the allegations she had made.

Turken told The Jewish Press that witnesses will testify that, in addition to cursing the Jews and yelling at her staff to remove them from the pool, Adaya was heard saying, “my family will disown me,” and that her “investors will be furious,” if the plaintiffs remained on site.

The defense claims there was no discrimination and that, instead, the promoters of the event had failed to properly schedule the event with the hotel, and therefore they were trespassing.

According to Turken, however, all the necessary arrangements had been made in advance, as evidenced by the initial assistance provided by the Shangri-La employees, which included putting up a rope and stanchions and a check-in table.  What’s more, he said, the day before the event “the head of hotel security gave a briefing to the staff to prepare them for the crowd of 150 that were expected to attend.”

The removal from the pool of Jews who were wearing Jewish-identified wristbands evokes a similar selection process of seventy years ago.  Ryan, recalling his grandfather’s legacy, said “I felt the weight of standing up to what he had to live through.”

The plaintiffs are seeking $ 1 million from Adaya and the Shangri-La Hotel for emotional distress, attorneys’ fees and other statutory damages.

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23 comments on “Pakistani-American Muslim of Santa Monica hotel: “Get the [expletive] Jews out of my pool!”

  1. Muzzle’Ems can’t help but to act like assholes. Most of the time. Part of the built-in, institutionalized Joooooooo and xTian hatred, the fundamental part of iSlam.

  2. If the plaintiffs win the most appropriate donation of the award would be to the charity their event was fundraising for.

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  4. Is anyone aware of any jews who havent lost family in the holohoax, oop! I mean the holocaust in which, 6 million (lol) jews went turned in baked potatoes.

    • My father was a soldier in World War II and was there personally when some of the concentration camps were liberated near the end of the war. I know first hand that the Holocaust was real and for you to say that it was a hoax makes you a brainwashed mindless racist idiot. Why don’t you do us all a favour and pull your lower lip over your head and swallow?

    • Suleiman, there is an enormous amount of evidence to support the claims of the Holocaust. I’ve watched the videos of the Deathcamps since the 1960s. I’v known people that were there, on either side of the barbedwire fences.
      As far as insinuating this was a ploy for the Jews to make money, tell me, If I put a sign out in front of our resteraunt ” No &*^%Muslims allowed. No Muslim filth tolerated on this property, would you file a lawsuit? Pretty sure you would.
      What do ALL Muslims have in common, besides the obvious? I’ll tell you: Muslims cannot live by the same rules and actions they would bestow on others. I have YET to see an exception to this observation. Tell me, why IS that? Is “Allah” an unjust God?

    • My grandfather was a Chaplin in WW11 and also personally saw what happened then. You seem to live in an alternate reality.

  5. @Bigbadcuda: Could you send me a Quran please? I’m out of toilet paper. Oh, I forgot, you Muslims don’t believe in toilet paper. Excuse me if I don’t shake your hand…

  6. It’s amazing to me that after all these centuries that the jews are STILL being persecuted. It boggles the mind to think of the depth of hatred that is felt for these people, it truly does. It is a collective insanity.

  7. @Not Sure: I concur. It really IS amazing. I suspect there is an inate dislike for those that adhere to their faith and maintain their community even across vast oceans. I am not a Jew but do admire their resolute tenacity. I suspect Muslims hate them because they thrive despite all the hatred thrown their way. Pretty embarassing for Muslims. Yom kipper War really drives that point home.

  8. suleiman July 30, 2012 @ 4:28 pm
    Is anyone aware of any jews who havent lost family in the holohoax, oop! I mean the holocaust in which, 6 million (lol) jews went turned in baked potatoes.

    The excerpt above is going viral im putting this on every facebook site i can find! you suleiman will find out what it is to feel pain when some legal beagle finds this and on behalf of the jewish population decides to sue your ass and and bury yr head in a vat of pig fat

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  10. It’s shameful how this women has been victimized despite having done nothing wrong. This is a smear campaign.

    Very sad to see the owner being demonized as being some kind of jihadi when she has never identified herself as Muslim or being Pakistani and her hotel sells alcohol and pork.

    The owner’s best friend is Jewish (who happened to be with her at the hotel the entire day this smear campaign began), her top executive at the hotel is Jewish and she chose Jewish Godparents for her kids.

    Does she really sound like a fair target for all this abuse?

  11. @Dave Gerson, I find her remark that “investors will be furious,” sounds believable. Nothing galls Muslims more than any defense or support for Israel. As for the owner’s best friend being Jewish, so what? Most American Jews are no friend to Israel.

    Anyway, I don’t think Tehmina was upset that they were Jews as much as they were Jews raising funds for children of fallen IDF soldiers. In this regard, she is quite the fair target for this “abuse.”

    @Say It Ain’t So, I linked to your article from mine: Muslim Owner of Santa Monica hotel: “Get the f*cken Jews out of the pool!”

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