Video: House Republican Women – Working for You

If nothing else, this puts to shame the Democrats vicious accusations about Republicans and women. The video shows a parade of female conservative representatives serving in congress, something considered impossible by Democrats.

Like every other ‘war’ the Obama regime has waged against Americans, his attempt to cast Republicans as a party of misogynists is both poisonous and un-American.

May 22, 2012 by

We Republican women are working together to create jobs, reduce spending, help small businesses, and put health care decisions back into your hands.  While our backgrounds are different, one thing is not: we are all conservative reformers — committed to leaving America better for our children and grandchildren than it was for us.  We know what it’s like to run a budget, a business and a family.  So we will continue to stand on the House floor, debate in Committee hearings, fight against big-government policies, and listen to those of you who elected us.  We — as Republican women — are leading the charge to make America great again.


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