Krauthammer Video: Linking Obama to Jeremiah Wright “completely legitimate”

Krauthammer says it’s “legitimate” for Romney to go after the Obama-Wright affair, but that “it’s wise not to do it.” He points out the media’s double standard, but essentially says let it go.

I am always left wondering why Republicans can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. With over 5 months of campaigning to go, Republicans can’t point out how outrageous the Obama-Wright friendship was? The hypocrisy? Obama’s demonstrable lack of wisdom? The radicalism? The lies and cover-up? Nope.


“It’s okay for the Washington Post to run a 5000 word front page story on a prank that Romney at the age of 15 had comited but somehow it’s illegitiate, or low road, or whatever for people to bring up the fact that the adult Obama had a 20 year relationship with a racist, anti-American preacher whom he considered, spoke about, wrote about as his mentor or spiritual adviser…That is a double standard unlike any I have ever seen.”

via Nicedeb

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