Video: Father-daughter Bat Mitzvah medley mash-up

Well this is pretty darn cute. What a dad won’t do for his little girl.

UK Daily Mail – When Jessica and Mike Hanley took to the dance floor everyone was expecting the typical, slightly awkward Bat Mitzvah dance.

However, Mr Hanley, a professional stand-up comedian, had other ideas about celebrating his 13-year-old daughter’s journey to adulthood.

At first, the two start a slow dance to the predictable sounds of My Girl by The Temptations.

And just when everyone thought they knew what was coming next, Whitney Houston blasts out of the DJ’s decks as Jessica asks her dad, ‘Do you wanna dance?’.

Feigning initial reluctance, Mr Hanley then embarks on a five-minute-long, perfectly synchronised dance mash-up with his beloved girl.

The two move to a medley of songs including hits by Lady GaGa, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, The Sugarhill Gang and Madonna.

Every dance step is busted out in the charming routine – including several rock-and-roll fast twirls to match his daughter’s Fifties-style jade green party dress.

The running man is busted out to a techno dance hit that was produced decades after Mr Hanley was a teenager himself.

Then there’s the near-perfect rendition of Madonna’s famous moves to Vogue.

At several points in the routine, Mr Hanley looks like he is enjoying himself more than his daughter.

But he has more practise at performing.

Mr Hanley is a successful stand-up comedian who is a regular on the club circuit.

According to his website,, his specialty is jokes about his married life.

No doubt the interest in his dance performance (the YouTube video already has over 260,000 hits) with his daughter will provide material for years to come.

Until Jessica’s wedding day anyway, when the two will have to find something to beat this routine for the first dance.

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