Mexghanistan: 23 corpses found – 9 bound, gagged and hanged, 14 headless

UK Telegraph reports that 14 headless bodies were found stuffed inside a van and nine more hanging from a bridge in a brutal day of gang violence in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo. There have been over 50,000 casualties in Mexico since the cartel war began.

The Blaze – Yesterday, three Mexican journalists’ bodies were discovered, dismembered and stuffed into plastic bags. They apparently had been asking the wrong questions in a country where drug violence is already dangerously high. Fox News reported at the time:

It was a bloody start to World Press Freedom Day in Mexico as authorities in the eastern state of Veracruz discovered the bodies of three news photographers slain and dumped together in plastic bags near a canal, less than a week after the killing in the same state of a reporter for an investigative newsmagazine.

Press advocates called for immediate government action to halt a wave of attacks that has killed at least six current and former reporters and photographers in Veracruz over the last year, most of them among the few journalists still working on crime-related stories in the state. The deaths have spawned an atmosphere of terror and self-censorship among journalists.

The problem isn’t confined to Veracruz. Mexico is one of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists, with reporters and photographers suffering a rising number of attacks in recent years as the country grapples with tens of thousands of killings, kidnappings and extortion against the backdrop of a militarized government offensive against drug cartels. Prosecutions in the cases are all but unknown, as is the case with almost all homicides and other serious crimes in Mexico.

Today, an even more grisly discovery has surfaced, as 23 total people were found dead in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

14 of the corpses were beheaded and wrapped in plastic bags, with their heads preserved in separate ice boxes. The other 9, however, were discovered in a truly horrific state. WTOP Washington describes the carnage.

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