Anti-bullying crusader savages Republicans, the Bible, Christians & Callista Gingrich in speech to high school students

It’s an Obama world.

Liberals’ favorite target for pushing their radical Leftist agenda has always been the youth. This arrogant ass couldn’t pass up the opportunity to plow his bigoted atheist ideology into the heads of a theater full of would-be journalists. It’s no wonder that 90% of journalists are Liberals.

Apparently, some 100 students walked out. You can see a few dozen filing through the aisle. Mr. ‘stop the bullying’ sneeringly calls them “pansy asses.”

Do you think for a moment that this charlatan would attack the Koran and an audience full of Muslims like this? Never.

Because all Liberals are hypocrites and moral cowards. The only place gays are routinely abused, rounded up, and killed is in Muslim countries. And it is done so both at the urging of their religious leaders and their governments. But this jerk would never have the guts to make an issue of it. So he and people like him pick on those who don’t fight back, Christians and Jews. (Without saying Jews, in his rant he sneers at the Jewish prohibition of eating shellfish.)

There is no bigger bully than a Leftist.

Via Gateway Pundit – Radical gay activist, GOP-basher and “anti-bullying” crusader Dan Savage was asked to speak at a high school journalism convention.

The result was predictable. Savage insulted and cursed at the Christian students, attacked Republicans and bashed Callista Gingrich.

So much for “anti-bullying”.  Citizen Link posted video:

Via Gateway Pundit / Todd Barnes reported on the incident.

As many as 100 high school students walked out of a national journalism conference after an anti-bullying speaker began cursing, attacked the Bible and reportedly called those who refused to listen to his rant “pansy asses.”

The speaker was Dan Savage, founder of the “It Gets Better” project, an anti-bullying campaign that has reached more than 40 million viewers with contributors ranging from President Obama to Hollywood stars. Savage also writes a sex advice column called “Savage Love.”

Savage, and his husband, were also guests at the White House for President Obama’s 2011 LGBT Pride Month reception. He was also invited to a White House anti-bullying conference.

Savage was supposed to be delivering a speech about anti-bullying at the National High School Journalism Conference sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. But it turned into an episode of Christian-bashing.

Rick Tuttle, the journalism advisor for Sutter Union High School in California, was among several thousand people in the audience. He said they thought the speech was one thing – but it turned into something else.

“I thought this would be about anti-bullying,” Tuttle told Fox news. “It turned into a pointed attack on Christian beliefs.”

Tuttle said a number of his students were offended by Savage’s remarks – and some decided to leave the auditorium.

“It became hostile,” he said. “It felt hostile as we were sitting in the audience – especially towards Christians who espouse beliefs that he was literally taking on.”

Update: Savage – “I wish the Republicans were all f***ing dead.”

Ben Shapiro at Breitbart is on the case.

Dan Savage has personally insulted virtually every Republican candidate for higher office. Last year, Savage said on Bill Maher’s show, “I wish the Republicans were all f***ing dead.”

But he saved some special vitriol for Herman Cain. When Cain stated that he thought that homosexual activity was a choice in October 2011, Savage responded by telling Cain to “show us how a man can choose to be gay. Suck my dick, Herman.”

During 2009, Savage tried to coin the term “Saddlebacking” in order to target pro-Proposition 8 Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren; he defined the term as “the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginities.” Savage also said, “F— you, Utah,” since Mormons largely backed Proposition 8.

In 2006, Savage said that Green Party Senate candidate Carl Romanelli, who was running against Democrat Bob Casey (the eventual winner), “should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” Casey was so offended he refused Savage’s campaign donations.

Savage also appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher stating that he wanted to “f*** the s*** out of [Santorum].”

Also, from Breitbart:

Back in 2000, the White House’s favorite bully, Dan Savage, was hired by to infiltrate the Gary Bauer presidential campaign. He became so frustrated with Bauer’s religiosity that after contracting the flu, he decided to go around the office licking doorknobs in order to infect the other staffers, including Bauer.

More at The Blaze >>

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