Obamanomics: Updated scary jobs chart

Business Insider posted an update of their ‘Scariest Jobs Chart Ever’. It reflects the new jobs numbers which show that the recovery is really just a myth in the minds of Democrats everywhere. Through deception, Democrats tout an unemployment rate of 8.2%. But that is accomplished only by shifting millions of unemployed into the ‘”Not In Labor Force”‘ column.

According to Zero Hedge, the US needs to generate 262k jobs each month to get back to breakeven by end of Obama’s 2nd term. March NFP was a big miss at just 120K. The unemployment rate dropped to 8.2% for one simple reason: the number of people not in the labor force is back to all time highs: 87,897,000.

Business Insider – It’s been a little while since we’ve run this chart, but in honor of that bummer of a jobs report, we thought it would be time to bring it back.

It’s from Calculated Risk, and it shows the pace of this jobs “recovery” vs. that of all other post-recession jobs recoveries.

As you can see, the decline in jobs was far steeper than any other recession by a long shot.

And though generally job gains have picked up, in recent months, the pace of the recovery remains incredibly supbar.

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