Terrorist barrage passes 200 rockets, 1 million Israelis living under threat

Over 200 rockets have been fired by Gaza Strip terrorists at Israel in the past 72 hours, targeting Israeli communities including the cities of Be’er Sheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and more adding up to 1,000,000 people. Over 100 of these rockets hit Israeli territory injuring 22 civilians and causing damage to property in the cities of Ashdod and Be’er Sheva.

Would the U.S. put up with such a thing? Would China? Russia? France? England? No one would. The Jews are the only people on earth that the world demands it embrace its own annhilation. Hey world – screw you.

Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center has evacuated patients into underground bomb shelters. The children’s wards, premature baby unit, and maternity unit will all be moved to underground shelters as a precaution against a possible missile strike on the hospital. In addition oncology and dialysis patients will receive their treatments in the shelters.

A rocket hit a car in Ashdod and another fell near Gedera Monday afternoon, the latest in a series of over 30 rockets to be fired at southern Israel from Gaza since morning.

Seven people in Ashdod were treated for shock; the rocket caused damage to a building and several cars.

From the archives of unrepentant useful idiots

Here are Israel’s “sages” back in 2005 scoffing at the idea that after the forced expulsion of Jews from Gaza that there would be any threat from the terrorists. They mocked those on the right for their prediction that an expulsion would only lead to endless rocketing.

Arutz ShevaArutz Sheva now presents a video of an Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) television in 2009, when the IDF entered Gaza in the counterterrorist Cast Lead campaign against terroroists, aired a Channel Two program, in which Amit Segal viewed promising speeches in 2005 on behalf of the “Disengagement” program to exit Gaza.

A majority of MKs voted in favor of the law that resulted in the expulsion of more than 9,000 Jews from Gaza, as well as from four Jewish communities in northern Samaria, and the withdrawal of all IDF forces.

“There  is an argument according to which there will be a threat…a threat and retreat…a threat on the Negev communities,” said Meir Sheetrit, formerly of the Likud and now in the Kadima party, which was  founded by Ariel Sharon after he feared the Likud would not approve his plan.

“I have never before heard such a ridiculous argument,” MK Sheetrit proclaimed.

Meretz MK Ran Cohen stated from the Knesset podium, “The Disengagement is good for security,”

He then scoffed at the “right wing people [who] stood here and talked about Kassams flying from here to there….If we don’t go out of Gaza in two or three years, maybe after one year, the [rocket] range will reach Ashkelon.

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