Hillary Clinton to Muslims: Don’t pay attention to Republicans, Obama shares your values

Hillary cares more about Muslim hair-trigger sensibilities than American values.

Hillary's shared values.

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) (h/t Weasel Zippers) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton advised an audience in Tunisia on Saturday to “not pay attention” to the comments made by candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination, saying the often overheated rhetoric of the campaign doesn’t reflect U.S. policy.

Hillary and Mubarak shortly before knifing him in the back.

Speaking at a town-hall style event in Tunisia, the North African nation that sparked the “Arab Spring” revolts, Clinton said the partisan remarks made during campaign events “certainly don’t reflect the United States, don’t reflect our foreign policy, don’t reflect who we are as a people.”

Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from a member of her audience who said he was troubled by some of the comments, which he considered anti-Muslim, made by candidates running for president.

“If you go to the United States, you see mosques everywhere, you see Muslim-Americans everywhere. That’s the fact. So I would not pay attention to the rhetoric,” she said.

Instead, she advised people to listen instead to President Barack Obama.

Wearing her values on her head.

“I think that will be a very clear signal to the entire world as to what our values are,” Clinton said.

She added that she is sometimes surprised that people around the world pay more attention to what’s said in U.S. political campaigns than do most Americans.

“I think you have to shut out some of the rhetoric and just focus on what we’re doing and what we stand for and particularly what our president represents,” Clinton said.

Obama has come under fierce criticism from Republicans for apologizing for the burning of Qurans at a military base in Afghanistan.

Now watch the desicated old hag.

There is no doubt that she sides with the Islamists, and that she believes that their “values” are best represented by Barack Hussein Obama.

Update – 4/14/12

Mark Levin couldn’t believe his ears. (h/t Rightscoop)

(click to play)

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21 comments on “Hillary Clinton to Muslims: Don’t pay attention to Republicans, Obama shares your values

  1. Its pretty funny that in most of the replies from liberals and their independent supporters have severe grammatical and spelling errors. Is it maybe that they are the “uneducated barbarians ” that they call republicans and conservatives. As far as hilary and her actions, it should be no surprise that she would continue to sell out the American people the same way she and her husband did during his administration.

    • you are missing commas, apostrophes, and Hillary is capitalized with two l’s. if the only argument you have is grammar YU DUN G00FED!!!

  2. “Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from a member of her audience who said he was troubled by some of the comments, which he considered anti-Muslim, made by candidates running for president.”

    Right, because I’m sure that none of their politicians are anti-kuffar in any way whatsoever.

    • Right on, Mike. No need to argue with idiots – just good to know there are more people awake to the lies now than there ever were before.

      • We must alert our pals and ignite the populace by exposing them to the truth. It’s hard to lose friends over this and I have but I have also wakened a few… It’s best to not use a sledgehammer but do it delicately. I generally ask them to be square with me and tell me why they like him. Then I say, this is why I do not like him and send them 6 youtube clips of him saying all sorts of Marxist stuff. The NDAA, the Volunteer Internal Police force as powerful as the military, The reference to not being able to drive or eat what we want or keep our homes as warm or as cool as we want.
        And if mom is sick, not giving her a pacemaker but a pill. They wake up pretty fast.

  3. I’m surprised that no one commented on how this article is manipulating the truth. The headline is designed to get people excited. Saying that “Obama shares your values” is an exaggeration. If you read Hillary’s comments in the body of the article, she is correct in saying that candidates for U.S. President don’t make policy. They are not President yet. So, the headline is a round-about conclusion: Obama doesn’t agree with the candidates, but to say he “shares your values” to Muslims is an overstatement. Also, if you consider the age of the picture at the top (with Hillary and former President Clinton), you’ll see how far back in the archives they had to go to get a picture that makes her look bad. If you agree or disagree, please leave comments below.

    • This is the most well documented and understood destruction of a country in history. We sit and watch as our freedom is disassembled. Our leaders are assembling a great pantheon of muslim brotherhood run countries to act against us.

  4. “Birds of a feather flock together” what? Hillary really meant it when she said she was “Anti-Jewish”, but I thought that had to do with Bill and his pick of some Jewish girls.Well, I guess that stupidity runs deep with these folks too. Obama, aka Barry Soetoro associated themselves with admitted terrorists Nelson Mandela…Now there is a movie that just came out after his death.
    I wonder when they will come out with a movie about former PLO leader Yasser Arafat and the Mossad ? or how they killed a terrorist?
    I guess some “people” lean way over to the left compared to most with common sense.

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