Hezbollah able to launch 600 missiles a day into Israel

All those missiles were made available to Hezbollah courtesy of the United Nations, who, while charged with the job of preventing Hezbollah’s rearming, deliberately turned a blind eye.

Jerusalem Post – Fearing unprecedented missile fire in a future war, the IDF has drafted plans to equip military forces operating on the northern front – Lebanon and Syria – with supplies and ammunition from bases in central and southern Israel.

The plans were recently approved by head of the IDF’s Logistics and Technology Directorate Maj.-Gen. Danny Biton.

The IDF assessment is that in a future war, Hezbollah will have the ability to fire up to 600 missiles and rockets into Israel on a daily basis, impairing the military’s ability to resupply its forces from bases in the North.

The equipment in these bases will likely only be made accessible after several days of fighting, once the IDF has succeeded in reducing the rocket fire into Israel. As a result, the IDF will need to equip its forces with supplies and ammunition that it has stored in bases farther south.

“IDF bases, particularly in the North, will be targeted in a future war and will make it difficult to draft reservists there and to take out supplies,” a senior officer said.

In addition, the IDF is also moving forward with plans to dig massive bunkers inside mountains throughout the country to protect sensitive and advanced equipment.

The multi-million-dollar plan was approved recently by the General Staff and construction is scheduled to begin in the coming months. An IDF delegation recently visited a number of countries that use similar mountain bunker systems, including South Korea.

Under the plan, the IDF will begin building a relatively small bunker of several thousand square meters inside a mountain whose location is classified. If the project is successful, it will enter the next phase, which includes building several more bunkers over the next few years.

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