Gaza rains rockets down on Southern Israel

Brig. Gen. Mordechai says nearly 100 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel over the weekend.

Between the first of its kind multi-pronged terror attack near Eilat, followed by some one hundred rockets from Gazastan, Israel is under attack. The number of wounded Israeli citizens is in the dozens.

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system has intercepted a number of rockets, but most get through as there are not enough of the systems around.

Israeli blog The Muqata has a running update and timeline.

10:31 AM Color Red Sirens in South Surrounding-Gaza communities

10:22 AM Color Red Alert system sounds in Ashkelon area. Explosions heard south of Ashkelon, probably fell in open area. No reports of injuries.

10:21 AM In the 10:02 rocket attack, 2 rockets were fired at BeerSheva. No known injuries or damage reported.

10:18 AM Israel Tel-Aviv stock market opens today with falling indexes (fallen 4.3%)

10:16 AM Two GRAD rockets hit BeerSheva; Forces responding.

9:32 AM In the previous rocket attack on BeerSheva, the missile that evaded the Iron Dome system hit a school (and caused damage). Luckily, due to summer vacation, the school was empty.

Iron Dome in action.

9:11 AM 5 rockets shot at Beer Sheva. 4 intercepted by Iron Dome system, 1 hits building. No injuries reported — damage caused to building.

8:53 AM Color Red rocket warning system sounding in BeerSheva. In 7:10 AM attack on Ashkelon, the Iron Dome anti-rocket system successfully downed 3 rockets, not 2 as previously reported. No injuires or damage reported.

7:10 AM 2 rockets launched at ashkelon are successfully intercepted by iron dome. no casualties or damage reported.

5:25 AM Rocket alerts going off all night in Ashdod, Ashkelon and those areas. Rocket just hit Ashkelon a few minutes ago. Others apparently hit during the night.

12:03 AM Unfortunately, it looks like the Muqata Blog is going into war reporting mode. As I type this, the “Inner Cabinet of 8″ is meeting at the Ministry of Defense offices in the Kirya, Tel-Aviv, to discuss Israel’s response to the attacks over the past few days. The Inner cabinet includes PM Netanyanu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman, Finance Minister Yuval Steinetz, Interior Minster Eli Yishai, Moshe Yaalon, Benny Beigin, and Dan Meridor.

At 11:23 PM tonight, 2 more rockets were launched at Israel from Gaza, no reported damage or injuries.

Rocket hits empty school.

In a GRAD rocket attack against Beersheva at 9:45 PM, 1 man was killed, 1 wounded critically and 3 wounded seriously.

Over 55 rockets were fired at Israel over Shabbat, including Ashdod, Ofakim (2 wounded including a 2 week old baby, a 9 year old and a 20 year old), BeerSheva, Beer Tuvia, Lachish, and Sharei HaNegev regions.

The number of wounded over Shabbat was a total of 16, with one fatality (one of the wounded is fighting for their life).

Israel Naval warships are current attacking targets in Gaza.


IDF – Following the combined terror attack against Israel, on Thursday (August 18), IAF aircraft targeted a number of sites in the Gaza Strip in order to restore the calm to Israel’s southern communities.

IAF aircraft targeted five squads of terrorists in the northern and central Gaza Strip, who had fired rockets and mortars at Israel.

In addition, IAF aircraft targeted fifteen terror sites across the Gaza Strip, including: terrorist infrastructures, terrorist outposts, smuggling tunnels, terror tunnels used for storage of weapons and rockets and to attack Israel, and manufacturing facilities.

In a joint IDF- Israel Security Agency activity, an IAF aircraft targeted senior militants of the Popular Resistance Committee terrorist organization in the southern Gaza Strip. Among those targeted: Kamal Nirab, head of the organization in the Gaza Strip, Imad Hamed, head of the military wing of the organization, and Khaled Sha’at, a senior operative. These officials were behind the malicious terrorist attacks, with the primary objective of kidnapping an Israeli civilian or soldier.

IAF aircraft targeted Matez Karika, 29 years old from Sajiya, who was an operations officer in the Islamic Jihad and played a major role in planning and executing rocket fire against Israel.

Terror organizations in Gaza fired over 70 Grad rockets, Qassam rockets and mortars at Israel.

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