Palestinians receive more aid per capita than any other people on the planet

From the new Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2011

ElderofZion – In absolute terms, Sudan receives the most aid and “Palestine” the second most (the gap is narrowing in recent years.)

But on a per-capita basis, the Palestinian Arabs receive about 9 times as much aid as the Sudanese do, and of course far more aid per capita than any other people on the planet.

Keep that in mind when the next mall, five star hotel or seaside resort opens in Gaza or the West Bank.

Or ask yourself whether Palestinian Arabs deserve 39 times the aid per capita that residents of the Congo receive.

The Fakestinian cult could not survive a year without the billions of aid it receives from the world’s useful idiots. Furthermore, it is precisely because of this limitless amount of funding that the PA government will never take the necessary steps to reform.

If a Fakestinian state were ever created, they’d be on the international dole until the end of time.

Thank Allah there are so many useful idiots in the world or we'd be out of a job.

Yidwithlid – Barry Rubin – “There are well over 200 NGOs in the West Bank and Gaza, and 30% of the GDP here comes from international aid. Palestinians are among the most foreign aid funded people in the world and the place is awash with money….

“The billions that pour in here mean the Palestinian Authority does not need to try very hard to deliver the services expected by voters, it also stifles the private sector, inflates wages and causes an internal ‘brain drain’….

“No Palestinian business can compete with NGOs which routinely triple what a local firm would pay….

“‘Palestine is the best-kept secret in the aid industry,’” a medical NGO worker recently told This Week In Palestine, `People need field experience and Palestine sounds cool and dangerous because it can be described as a war zone, but in reality it’s quite safe and has all the comforts that internationals want.’”

So in other words, the NGOs have every interest in continuing this situation, a lot of Westerners are making great money, the Palestinians are subsidized to an extent that much-worse-off Third World people can only dream about, AND they are portrayed as heroic, suffering victims, too!

And what does the Palestinian Authority have to do in exchange for all this loot and free propaganda? Absolutely nothing. (more >>>)

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