Likely Hamas, Hezbollah tunnels found under U.S.-Mexico border

250 feet through solid rock.

Why is it more and more we have to rely on European media to report all the crap that goes on in the U.S.? It’s a rhetorical question.

The article doesn’t say that the tunnels were dug by Hamas or Hezbollah cells in Mexghanistan, but from previous stories, it is very, very likely that they were dug with the help of the terrorist organizations’ expertise. The Obama Administration will never admit to it, so don’t hold your breath.

Ironically, this story comes just as Obama was spiking the bin Laden football in El Paso, claiming that the borders have never been safer. Will anyone in the mainstream media bring these tunnels up to Janet Napolitano?

Resourceful: Authorities have found eight similar tunnels in the last six months.

UK Daily Mail – A tunnel running 250 feet beneath the U.S.-Mexican border has been discovered fully kitted out with electricity, water pumps and ventilation.

Authorities in Arizona said although they’ve found dozens of tunnels in Nogales, a city in Santa Cruz County since the 1990s, this one is by far the most sophisticated.

Chief border patrol agent Randy Hill said those who were building it had chiselled through solid rock and installed lighting and other equipment.

Border patrol found an entrance to the tunnel on May 2 in an abandoned building. An investigation has begun with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Mexican government.

The tunnel lies 15 feet beneath the ground and is three feet wide and five feet high.

Chief Hill said: ‘This tunnel is more sophisticated than other recently discovered tunnels. They chiselled through solid rock and then installed electricity, lighting, water pumps, and ventilation.

‘It is a prime example of the risks traffickers will take and the lengths they will go to smuggle contraband into our country.’

Pressure point: The number of tunnels into the city of Nogales, Arizona shows how vulnerable the mountainous region is to the drug trade.

The state of Arizona straddles a heavily trafficked route for powerful Mexican cartels smuggling marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines into the U.S.

Security has been tightened along the shared border in recent years leaving drug smugglers no option but to burrow underground to try to evade detection.

At least eight tunnels have been found running beneath the streets on both sides of the border since October last year. (more >>>)

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