IDF medical delegation bids ‘sayonara’ to Japan

As first reported here 2 days ago, the IDF medical aid delegation to Japan has concluded its mission and is headed back to Israel.

Over the past 2 weeks, IDF medical personnel treated around 220 people at a clinic established in the earthquake-devastated Minami-Sanriko area of Japan. On Monday (Apr.10), they handed the keys to the clinic over to Japanese medical officials and left behind most all off their equipment.

Because the Israeli field clinic was the only functional one in the region, as the hospital was destroyed in the quake, the Israeli team decided to leave their entire clinic behind, including their x-ray machine, laboratory, and all their equipment.

The Japanese will use it as a temporary hospital. The  IDF team’s last days were spent training the Japanese hospital staff how to operate their equipment.

Arutz Sheva – The IDF medical aid delegation to Japan has concluded its activities and the delegation’s members are returning to Israel. The delegation, which provided medical services to the people of the disaster-stricken Minami-Sanriko area for two weeks, is expected to land at the Nevatim air base on Tuesday morning.

The IDF website reported the IDF has decided that most of the medical equipment brought to Japan, including X-ray equipment, will be left behind to be used by local medical officials to continue serving the population of the Minami-Sanriko area.

The IDF medical delegation arrived in the disaster zone two weeks ago and included members of the IDF Medical Corps, search and rescue specialists, and logistics and communications personnel from the Home Front Command.

Over the past two weeks, IDF medical personnel treated around 220 patients at the IDF medical clinic.

On Monday, the IDF delegation held a ceremony at which the keys to the medical clinic were handed over to Japanese medical personnel.

The ceremony, which was covered by many local media outlets, was attended by local officials, including the mayor of Minami-Sanriko, who was the first person to receive treatment at the clinic, and the mayor of Kurihara.

“The clinic you are leaving here is going to be a cornerstone of the recovery of our city which suffered a major disaster,” the Kurihara mayor said. “I have no doubt that your important contribution to the recovery of this place as well as the courteous treatment you gave our people will constitute an important milestone in relations between Israel and Japan.”

IDF medical team workers sing “Jerusalem City of Gold” with Japanese friends. Nice.

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