Muslims murder Buddhist monk, shoot and seriously wound 2 others in Southern Thailand

The hits just keep coming and coming in Southern Thailand. (here, here, here, here, here, here) Over 4,400 people have been slaughtered in Southern Thailand since 2004.

Jihadists riding a motorcycle shot 2 Buddhist monks collecting morning alms yesterday morning. The terrorists then went looking for more Buddhists to kill and shot and wounded another.

Bangkok Post –  PATTANI, Thailand  –  Phra Apichai Rojrangsan, 28, and novice monk Sakol Semsan, 16, both from Wat Sri Maha Pho, were collecting morning alms yesterday morning on the Khok Pho-Tha Rua road near Petchu Nukroh School in Khok Pho district when two men riding a motorcycle shot them.

The attackers then turned to the opposite side of the road where Phra Suchart Inthankaew, 36, of Wat Puran Pradit, was also making the alms round.

The gunmen also shot Phra Suchart, who sustained serious injuries.

Phra Apichai and Sakol were taken to a local hospital, where Phra Apichai was pronounced dead. Sakol was later referred to Pattani provincial hospital and placed in an intensive care unit.

Phra Suchart was treated at the Prince of Songkhla Hospital in Hat Yai district of nearby Songkhla. Doctors said his injuries were severe and could leave him paralysed.

Phra Apichai’s mother, Aree Phubankrasae, said she talked to the monk on the phone before he left the temple to collect the alms yesterday.

She said the monk had been ordained three years ago and planned to leave the monkhood in two years.

Phra Kru Nawakarn Sophon, chief of Sangha district office, said the violence in the far South showed no signs of abating as security personnel were also attacked.

In Yala, army patrol officers narrowly missed a roadside explosion in Muang district yesterday.

A five-member security team of the special unit was travelling in a pickup truck on Ban Niang-Yaha road in tambon Yala. A 10kg improvised bomb buried underneath the road went off seconds after the pick-up truck had driven past at around 7.20am.

Shrapnel slightly damaged the back of the truck but no one was injured.

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8 comments on “Muslims murder Buddhist monk, shoot and seriously wound 2 others in Southern Thailand

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