Muslim terrorists kill 3 Buddhists, burn bodies in Thai south

A Muslim woman comforts her Buddhist neighbour whose husband was killed in the attack.

It continues to be open season on Buddhists in Southern Thailand.

Sadly, every few days you can pretty much count on more innocent Buddhists in Thailand being slaughtered by the religion of peace. And every time the terrorists seem to get away with it.

On Thursday near the town of Pattani, Muslim terrorists murdered 3 Buddhists, 2 of them women, and burned their bodies.

The killings follow several high-profile attacks in the past three weeks, including a raid on an army camp, a massive roadside bombing, the execution-style shooting of a Buddhist family and a series of drive-by attacks.

Reuters (h/t reports that in this latest incident, the Isamists shot the three Buddhists as they rode in a pick-up truck in Pattani, one of three provinces bordering Malaysia where more than 4,300 people have been killed in violence since 2004. Police later found their charred bodies on the roadside next to their burnt vehicle.

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