Muslims kill 9 and wound 2 in southern Thailand

A few days back I wrote about a daring attack in southern Thailand by Isalmic Jihadis on an army base that killed 4. Well, the members of the “religion of peace” struck again today and killed 9 civilians and wounded 2 others with a roadside bomb in the town of Yala.

The Bangkok Post reports that the 11 were returning from hunting on the mountain in tambon Baro when their vehicle was hit by the land mine. The bodies of 3 hunting dogs and 2 wild pigs, were found nearby. Police suspect that the terrorists hid in a roadside bush and detonated the 10-kilogramme bomb as the villagers’ car passed by.

Islamists have slaughtered over 4,300 people in southern Thailand since 2004, and wounded or maimed many more than that. 

Memory: I passed through the town of Yala the day before 9/11. I won’t ever forget what I saw when sitting on the train and looking out the window as it stopped at the station there. I was very surprised by the people on the platform because Thailand is a Buddhist country, and these people were all Muslim. I was returning from Malaysia, which is also Muslim, but these Muslims sure didn’t look like those I saw in Malaysia.

Until then, I had never seen women in full-on burkas. The burkas were solid black and looked really hot and uncomfortable. The only opening was slits for their eyes.

And boy do I remember those eyes. They blazed with hatred. I was taken back by the looks I received, and remember thinking, ‘What’s your problem, ladies?’ It was freaky, and I was glad that I was inside the train, and relieved when it was on its way again.

As I said, this was the day before 9/11. The following day I  was on the island of Ko Samui and woke up to the news of the nightmarish attacks in NYC. Once it was established that the attackers were Muslim terrorists, I flashed back to those menacing eyes I saw glaring at me back at that train station. A chill ran down my back. These people know how to hate.

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8 comments on “Muslims kill 9 and wound 2 in southern Thailand

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