And 6 makes a majority

AP reports that 6 more states have joined the Florida lawsuit for the repeal of Obamacare. This brings the total number of states that want to overturn the America-crippling monstrosity to 26 (Heritage says 27.).

Will the fact that half the states in the union favor dumping Obamacare give credibility to their cause with the mainstream media? Does Nancy Pelosi sleep in a Rush Limbaugh T-shirt?

We can count on Republicans fearing the new Obama state-run media threat of ‘civility disobedience‘ to temper their objections to the heinous law. Democrats’ call for “civility”, after all, is nothing but an attempt to censure free speech and any and all criticism of the Obama Administration, and Democrats in general.

But at least one Republican congressman, Louis Gohmert, has dared to speak truth to power by citing the Obama Administration’s use of “wavers” as both a way around their criminality, and as a means for further institutionalizing crony capitalism in Washington.

WaPo (via Michelle Malkin)

Gohmert, who brought a copy of the health care law with him to the event, made some jabs, accusing the administration of  “crony capitalism” through the granting of health care waivers.

“If you’re a friend of the administration, you get a waiver, and it will cut your costs dramatically,” Gohmert said. “If you’re not a friend, you don’t get the waiver. You won’t compete with the friends of Obama. You’ll go out of business. Government shouldn’t have that kind of power. … Crony capitalism has got to stop.”

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